Apple Stores in the United States and Canada are now also distribution centers

Store Gran Plaza 2

Apple has more than 300 physical stores in the United States and Canada, stores that in a few weeks, according to Bloomberg, have become distribution centers of the products, in this way, the shipping time is reduced, a shipment that was generally made from China.

This new strategy is a change in Apple’s operating procedures, procedures that it does not usually modify, and that will allow the company based in Cupertino fulfill online orders from physical stores in less time than directly from distribution centers in China.

In addition to reducing delivery time, this modification may also be associated with a reduction of shipping costsas it is much cheaper to ship a container loaded with Apple products than one by one, even though daily shipments to buyers number in the thousands.

Bloomberg claims that both iPhone, like iPad and Mac ship from over 300 Apple Stores that Apple has between the United States and Canada. To ship from the United States, Apple uses FedEx services, while in Canada it uses UPS to ship to customers living within a 100-mile radius, reducing deliveries to a single day.

Before implementing this measure in North America, Apple has been testing this new distribution process in a limited number of stores, mainly among those that between June and July began to to reopen its doors after closure caused by the coronavirus.

Tim Cook’s company has prepared a plan that includes convert physical Apple Stores that are forced to close due to the coronavirus in telephone support centers and online sales, in order to continue to maintain the service among all its customers.

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