Buying a new device from the user’s side, it must have a series of basic characteristics in order for the consumer to remain calm. First of all, high-quality information about the device you are purchasing. Second: Transparency about the shipping method, the estimated duration and the approximate date of shipment. Finally, a gallery Cover and warranty provided by the company. Apple offers a one-year warranty on all its devices, with the ability to purchase additional AppleCare insurance. With the new application update Apple Support We can check our hardware warranty and coverage if AppleCare is available.

Check your device’s coverage with “Apple Support”

need help? Get the technical support you need for your favorite Apple products – all in one place. Apple Technical Support gives you customized access to solutions for all of your Apple products and services. Learn how to manage your subscriptions or reset your Apple ID password, among other things.

Apple decided The launch of an app to focus support and technical services Don’t go crazy on your website. It’s Apple Support, and it’s a simple, versatile, and complete app available for iOS and iPadOS. As the years passed, the app was provided with more news and became a reference place to seek help from tech support and even ask for appointments to go to the Apple Store.

the new Version 4.2 It introduces three new aspects that improve usability and provide new functionality to the users. in the first place, The reminder option is integrated Reservations are made via phone calls or text messages. This is included in the actual Apple Store where they let you know when the Genius is released and you can go to the store. However, in this new version when making a reservation You can set reminders Automatically.

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It has also been merged A tool to check the coverage and warranty status of our products. In the event we have AppleCare, we can see the different aspects we covered and how to access the support we need. In addition, prof Application clip to easily check warranty Submit Serial Number Or by choosing our Apple ID device.