Buy new devices on the part of the user it must have different identification systems so that the customer is comfortable. First, good information about the device you are buying. Second, an understanding of the transfer process, waiting time and transfer date. And finally, a demonstration of insurance and licenses issued by the company. Apple offers a one-year warranty on all its devices that can buy another cover, AppleCare. With new updates ‘Apple Support’ We can check the warranty of our device with insurance if we have AppleCare.

Check the coverage of your device from ‘Apple Support’

Need help? Get the technical support you need for your favorite Apple app – they all come from the same source. Apple Technical Support gives you customized access to all of your Apple products and services. Learn how to manage your subscription or reset your Apple ID password, among other things.

Apple decided launch an application to focus on support and manual labor there is no need to mad at your website. It is Apple Support, a simple, versatile and complete application available for iOS and iPadOS. Over the years, the app has been receiving more and more news and information and has become a reference point for asking for help with technical support and even asking for an appointment to go to the Apple Store.

New 4.2 version introduces three new features that improve usability and provide new employees. The first, recalled options reservation by phone call or text message. This is set up in the Apple Store where they tell you when you have left Genius and you can go to the store. However, in this latest version often make a reservation you can set memories automatically.

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It is also included tool to check the coverage and authorization status of our products. If we have AppleCare, we can see the different parts we cover and the way to get the support we need. In addition, a Clip Clip to view the license import symbol number or by selecting the device of our Apple ID.