Apple teams up with Delta and AT&T to equip flight attendants with iPhone 12


Delta airline will replace SkyPro devices with iPhone 12, this will facilitate the work of flight attendants.

Goodbye to the SkyPro

Apple, Dellta y AT&T, announced a new partnership that consists of equipping all flight attendants from Delta with the iPhone 12 and will have red 5G de AT&T, this alliance is expected by the end of this summer.

Why choose the iPhone 12?

Although there is a wide variety of smartphones that support 5G technology, Delta opted for him iPhone 12 thanks to its interesting improvements such as A14 Bionic which can offer an augmented reality experience. This would be of great help to:

  • Training: With policies changing frequently due to the pandemic, training and information for flight attendants is more critical than ever. Flight attendants will increasingly have access to immersive training that includes videos, photos and augmented reality anywhere.
  • Catering: Today’s paper-based flight attendants will soon have an up-to-date digital catering inventory and can quickly locate items without opening a single door, using the iPhone 12 camera and augmented reality to visualize. where items are kept.

Delta is not the first airline to partner with Apple to launch iPhones to flight attendants. In 2019, British Airways provided its 15,000 cabin crew members with an iPhone XR to help improve the customer service experience. Apple and IBM also worked with United Airlines to distribute iPhones and iPads to their employees in 2017.

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