Apple: Tile executive “welcomes” AirTags, but “asks for fair conditions” in the market

CJ Prober, CEO of the Tile, bluetooth property tracking device, has expressed concern about the entry into the market of Apple with the AirTags.

Through an interview with Bloomberg, the executive pointed out that Tile you will now feel disadvantaged in iPhone due to the market rules it owns Apple.

“Tile welcomes competition. We have been competing for 8 years with small businesses up to Fortune 50 companies, so we welcome the competition from Apple, but we think it should be fair, he said.

In accordance with Prober, Tile went through changes you made Apple on iOS to help strengthen the service of Find Mand in 2019, the base tracking software of the AirTags.

“If you look at the history between Tile Y Apple, we had a very symbiotic relationship. They sold Tile in their stores, they highlighted us in the WWDC 2019, and then they threwFind My‌ in 2019, and just when they launched their application ‌Find My‌, which is effectively a competitor of Tiyou, made a number of changes to your operating system. that made it very difficult for our clients to enable Tile. And then once they enabled it, they started showing notifications that basically made it look like Tile was broken, “he said.

You want better conditions

Tile I was not happy with these privacy changes and that privacy setting put Tile against Apple calling on Congress to “level the playing field.”

Prober said Apple has now launched a competitor of Tile that you have access to the capabilities of the platform to which Tile can’t access, referencing seamless activation and ultra-wideband technology.

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According to the executive, Apple you could take advantage of the advantages you have in your platform and make them available to everyone to achieve a more level competitive playing field. He called for legislation that allows innovation and competition: “We should compete fairly and without excessive taxes on developers.”

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