Apple updates charger recommendations for maximum MagSafe Duo charging speed

As Mark Gurman publishes in Twitter, Apple has updated the MagSafe Duo charger product page to clarify speeds that will be obtained according to the charger we use. For now, this charger continues to show “Very soon” on its availability date, but in the meantime, we clarify details.

20 or 27 charger, this is the question

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The MagSafe (without Duo) needs a 20 watt charger to be able to charge the new iPhone 12 at 15 watts. The reason for this loss of 5 watts is due to the efficiency of the charging process, something that, although Apple manages to counter the maximum, is given by the physics of the process. For now, we still do not have the MagSafe Duo, but there are many of us who are interested in the charger and who have asked ourselves a question: with the 20W charger we can charge our iPhone 15 and our Apple Watch simultaneously?

It seems not. As reflected in the product page of the MagSafe Duo on the Apple website, we will need a 27 watt or higher charger for the 14W fast charge in the iPhone 12. If we use the 20 watt charger, the iPhone will be charged at 11 watts.

Charging devices, especially if it is wireless, is much more complex than it seems. Attention, complex if we want to do it at maximum speed without damaging and degrading the battery excessively. As we already know, the MagSafe negotiates the amount of current it uses to charge the device dynamically throughout the process. This means that, even if we use the ideal charger, depending on the room temperature, the charging speed can fluctuate.

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The convenience of wireless charging, as well as fast charging, comes with the downside of charger and cable specs. In the end, the best thing for the health of the battery is to charge it by cable and at 5 watts. If we want more speed or use wireless charging we have to go to certain specific components.

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