Apple updates subscription sheet in iOS 14.5 with clearer testing and pricing information

Last week we shared a concept that explored the ways Apple could improve the sign-up sheet in iOS to help customers better understand what they’re signing up for. Sign-up sheet issues have been a hot topic lately among the community. But tonight the developer behind Launch Center Pro, David Barnard, has pointed out that in the latest beta of iOS 14.5 Apple has started to make some changes to improve the experience.

The changes are subtle, but they will surely have an impact on your subscription records. Apple has made all the text on the sheet more readable and updated the language to be clearer to the customer. The first and one of the biggest changes in the sheet is the replacement of the word mark “App Store” by “Pay” so that the customer is clear that he is buying something.

The subscription name format has also been updated. It is no longer in uppercase, but in a normal case. Directly below it, you can see that they have increased the size of the policy text. Now it is much easier to read and is directly in your face.

However, the most important changes are in the lower section of the sheet. First, the free trial explanation has been made much more concise. Use plain language to say look, you’ve got “3 days free” in the case of the screenshots below. It is much better than the way it is currently in iOS 14.4, with a small text separating the name of the trial version from the “Free” label. Apple has also substantially increased the size of the price and placed it directly above the confirmation animation. As with the free trial text, they also changed “$ X / week” to “$ X per week.”

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iOS 14.4

iOS 14.5 beta 2

I still think that Apple can do more to improve the experience, but this is certainly a step in the right direction. What do you think of these changes? Are they enough to satisfy customers and regulators? Let us know in the comments below!

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