Apple wanted to censor Telegram groups and hide it

Times are definitely not good for Apple. Since the controversy broke out over their pressure on those responsible for the Hey email service, it seems that the developers and service providers have tired of going through the ring imposed by those of Cupertino And, for the first time in a long time, they are raising their voices in a massive way to criticize the practices, questionable to say the least, of technology. And there is much, much noise.

The last we know about it, por Pavel Durov, CEO of Telegram is that This popular instant messaging service has not escaped pressure from Apple either so that things, within the service itself, would be done, as Sinatra said, “my way.” Yours, of course, Apple’s. And we speak in a way … well, a little dirty, as evidenced by the fact that he tried to remove his tracks, how criminal after committing a crime.

In conflicts there are neither absolute good nor absolute bad, everything admits of nuances, and the current situation in Belarus is no exception, with rulers who, according to all indications, rigged the last electoral process to remain in power, provoking the anger of the people, the opposition of a large part of the international community and the proliferation of insurgent movements, beyond the legitimate opposition , embodied in the opposition Svetlana Tijanóvskaya who has been forced into exile in Lithuania by Russian “pressure”.

In this context, part of the insurgency has turned to Telegram to create groups through which to communicate, something that obviously does not like at all. the Belarusian powers, who did not hesitate to contact Apple for demand the closure of such groups, three in particular. It is not the first time that companies like Apple or public administrations have asked services like Telegram to close certain channels. Durov affirms that they have already closed groups at the request of Apple on previous occasions, despite the fact that he does not agree with such measures.

The difference, what has made this occasion different and, along the way, has exhausted the patience of the CEO of Telegram, is that Apple, along with the request, a requirement according to Durov, is that in addition the company was instructed not to indicate that the closure had occurred at the express request of Apple. A detail that, in their communication, they qualified as “Irrelevant”. What I said before, try to erase the traces so that there is no record of their inference. And it is that until now, before requests like this, Telegram closed the groups, but with a publication in which it indicated that the closure had occurred at the request of Apple.

Why is a company trying to hide something like this? Is there really a single person within Apple who thinks this is irrelevant information? It seems pretty obvious, right? Y I understand that the situation for Apple is complex, because you can face the closure of huge markets. However, that it intends to transfer that tension to those companies that, like Telegram, have to go through the hoop of their policies is of a moral base that, honestly, is even offensive to me. If a complicated decision is made, the minimum is to be responsible and not pretend to hide it, but it seems that the times of acting in that way at Apple are over.

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