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It is curious to see how that small application store that appeared on the original iPhones of the first decade of the 2000s, has been making its way to become, practically, a source of income at the level of any other division of the company. A great deal thanks to those 30% commissions that those of Cupertino have with demands from some companies (Epic Games, etc.) that consider it abusive and that prevents innovation.

Be that as it may, Americans have seen how, in response to that policy, some companies have decided to pass part of this extra percentage on prices for users, which indirectly invites them to subscribe services and products directly on the developer’s website, where they appear cheaper, and skip the intermediation of the App Store. So with this scenario, Apple has put to work to also add an extra filter limiting those prices.

Apple gets picky about high prices

Thus, the company has launched a new application verification policy that, in addition to the traditional security controls that pass to be accepted in the iPhone and iPad store, will be set in prices. So it has been known through a leaked note in which the company denies access to a developer, arguing that apps “They must never betray this trust by attempting to scam or mislead users in any way.”

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Specifically, the reject arrives by “the prices you have selected for your app or in-app purchase products […] [que] they do not reflect the value of the functions and content offered to the user. “For Apple,” charging unreasonably high prices for content or services with limited value is a scam for customers and is not appropriate for the App Store. ” same message, from the company sthey point out to the developer which items or services are out of what they consider price adjusted.

In addition to the refusal to publish that application, Apple takes the opportunity to give advice such as that “check your app or purchase products […] to provide more value to the user at the time of purchase. Choose a price for your app or in-app purchase products that accurately reflects the value being provided to the user, “and when you’ve done all that,” resubmit your app for review. “

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