Apple WILL include Earpods with iPhone 12 in France


One of the most criticized aspects of the iPhone 12 – in addition to the high costs of course – was that for the first time it will not include a charger or headphones. However, in France at least the Earpods will be included in this new phone. What do they have that we don’t? Apparently a particular law that Apple you will not be able to dodge.

As soon as the iPhone 12 was announced, users were already dissatisfied with this strategy in which those who decide to buy it, will have to buy headphones and charger separately. However, Apple responded that it was seeking to help the environment. According to the company, it was not a strategy for users to spend more, but rather they sought to save material at the checkout. Also, this way the headphones wouldn’t end up in the trash if they already had some.

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Why will France have iPhone 12 with headphones?

As MacRumors pointed out, French law now requires smartphones to be bundled with “hands-free kits” or “headsets” to protect children 14 and under from electromagnetic radiation. That’s because the government doesn’t think the health effects of long-term radiation exposure from smartphones are established science, particularly with children, according to a summary of the law. User manuals and packaging, along with any advertisements, should also recommend using a hands-free kit, or risk a 75,000 euro ($ 87,000) fine.

Even in France, health measures are taken so seriously so that radiation does not affect the health of its citizens, that there have been demonstrations against the 5G network, which has not been proven to have any kind of damage to the Health. While, like any other radio broadcast network, it could be carcinogenic, it has a lower risk even than talc.

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