Apple will introduce the iPhone 12, but it will only serve to play and take photos

  • Apple recently introduced a series of services and wearables, with which it sought to innovate in the technology market.

  • One element that has characterized Apple has been the way in which this brand has taken on the task of developing new business segments.

  • There are several elements that help us understand the value of Apple and one of them has to do with the way the brand has innovated in the market with devices such as the iPhone 12.

Apple is about to present its new range of smartphones and the iPhone 12 It has a problem that other companies like Samsung already experience, they have 5G technology, a network that does not exist in countries like the United States and Mexico, this at the time of the expected launch of the device.

Both Mexico and the United States are key markets in America. The first, for being a leader in the Latam region and the second, for being the largest market in the world and home of Apple.

The operators of both countries still do not have 5G networks ready, so at the time of the launch of the new iPhone 12, these seem to only serve to take pictures, play games and watch videos.

iPhone 12, a phone ahead of its time

The iPhone 12 has established itself as a great product and this great phone is not wasted, because an aspect that reminds us of the device is the functionality it has and the value that has been detonated in the market, thanks to the reputation it has built among the community of fans who follow the brand.

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The maximum promise of innovation has been reduced to imitating what other companies such as Samsung have launched on the market and the best example of this is the presentation of phones with a 5G network, the same that the Korean already offers in devices.

Apple will launch the devices this week and its new range of smartphones is not wasted, on the contrary, they are phones that have made Apple a company ahead of the telephone networks in Mexico and the United States.

Within the country there is the expectation that in 2021 the 5G network will begin to operate, although it is not known under what conditions and who of the two large operators: Telcel or AT&T, would be in charge of it.

Until now it is known that the most advanced company in implementing this network is Telcel, however, despite the fact that these works were focused on launching the 5G network in 2020, the contingency has encouraged IDC to recognize that the implementation of the network will be until the first quarter of 2021 in Mexico.

Within the United States, operators such as Verizon Communications, AT&T and T-Mobile have not been able to implement the network with the discipline with which countries such as China have done so and that during 2020 it already has more than 42 million users of this network. network, according to an estimate from iResearch, China Mobile, China Unicom, China Telecom, MIIT and CAICT.

Regarding Mexico, the GSMA projection placed Mexico at the regional level of Latin America and found that the country would lead the adoption of this network, followed by Brazil, Argentina, Chile, Colombia and Peru.

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