Apple will lower the price of chargers and EarPods



The decision comes after confirming that these accessories are no longer included with the iPhone.

The environmental measure used by Apple to stop including the charger and headphones in the iPhone box It has raised so much dust that apparently they wanted to calm the waters a bit and decided to lower the price of these two accessories.

The main claim has to do with the fact that in addition to paying for the equipment, the user would have to add an extra for something basic such as being able to charge the phone. For its part, Apple explains that there are already many chargers available in the world and the idea is use that old. That is why it did not stop including the lightning cable, but the point is that on the other hand it is a USB-C, which further limits. Better and more universal would have been one with USB-A or “normal”.

And after knowing all this, Apple has reported a reduction precisely for these two accessories, which in the case of EarPods with lightning connector means a decrease in 29 to 19 dollars. This price will be the same for the charger but with an improvement: will increase its power from 18W to 20W. If this will be replicated in Chile? It should, but there is no further information or security since at there is no official brand store (an Apple Store), prices in our country tend to be higher than official.



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