Apple will not give a replacement mobile if your iPhone 12 breaks

Little does the iPhone 12 have on the market, but enough for many of its consumers a fault has already arisen to repair. An arrangement in which, until now, Apple offered a replacement mobile but which will no longer be the case due to the change in company policy. Another step towards the new business model of the multinational that brings several novelties related to environmental sustainability.

Apple has reviewed its phone repair policies and, according to a MacRumors leak, as of this 2021 it will fix its new terminals in a faster and easier way, as well as being respectable with the ecosystem. Thus, it will no longer offer a replacement iPhone as it used to and will have small replacement items for a faster restoration.

A change that it also affects the iPhone 12 mini and that it will involve, fundamentally, small aspects such as the back cover, the motherboard, the Face ID sensors or the camera glass. Not so the camera itself, which in the event of a breakage or failure will force the purchase of a new device.

Spare parts will remain free except if they are due to misuse of the terminal

These changes will remain freeYes, if the failure is due to an error in the iPhone itself and not due to misuse by the user. A second case that is the majority, because until now the iPhone 12 has not detected factory defects.

With all this and despite the fact that there will no longer be a complete change for a new replacement terminal, the news is not bad for Apple users who will have a much faster fix on their phone. Likewise, and as a key part of the company, the new policy will serve to be more respectful with the environment and not to discard so many pieces that in the long run it could continue to function.

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