Apple will not include the charger in the boxes of the iPhone 11, iPhone XR and iPhone SE.

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News removed he charger and the headphones in the boxes of the iPhone 12 it remains the controversial topic of the moment. Although Apple backed its decision by mentioning that it was a move in favor of the environment, there are few who received the news in a positive way. Especially those who plan to buy the terminal and do not have the USB-C charger. Now we know Apple’s strategy will not be limited to the new generation of the smartphone.

As you surely know, Apple will continue to sell the standard iPhone 11 alongside the iPhone XR and iPhone SE. However, Your box will not include the charger or headphones either. In the last hours, a video began to circulate showing the new compact packaging of the iPhone 11, very similar in size to the iPhone 12. You can be sure that the controversy will remain active for several weeks. Here is the material:

In the Apple Store Online it is possible to verify that, indeed, the box of the mentioned terminals no longer includes the charger or headphones – only the Lightning cable to U S B – C -. “As part of our efforts to reduce environmental impact, iPhone 11 / iPhone XR / iPhone SE no longer includes power adapter or EarPods. You can use the Apple power adapter and your existing headphones or buy them separately. ” They also link to your environmental report to know the movements with which they intend to become a 100% carbon neutral company by 2030:

In the packaging of all iPhones, we are replacing the power adapter and EarPods, which are often unused, with something super useful like the fast charging USB-C to Lightning cable. This reduces the size of the packaging, allowing us to put more boxes in a container and thus reduce the total number of shipments. We are also requiring our suppliers to adopt renewable energy sources. To give you an idea, these initiatives help to eliminate more than 2 million metric tons of carbon emissions per year ”, mentions Apple on the iPhone 12 website.

Is the apology enough? It probably won’t be for many consumers interested in getting an iPhone from older generations – or the newer models. While many users already have a compatible charger at home, others were about to purchase their first iPhone. It will be necessary to open the portfolio again to buy a charger separately, either those offered by Apple or the proposals of other companies.

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