Minnesota Attorney General Keith Ellison announced today that his office has entered into a settlement agreement with Apple, Inc. on limiting the speed of consumers’ iPhones in 2016 by Apple to address unexpected shutdowns on some iPhones. .

The agreement, which originates from a multi-state investigation by a bipartisan coalition of more than 30 attorneys general, it provides $ 113 million to the coalition of states that investigated Apple, including just under $ 2 million to Minnesota.

Based on the multi-state investigation, the attorneys general allege that Apple found that battery problems were causing unexpected shutdowns on iPhones.

But nevertheless, instead of revealing these issues or replacing the batteries, Apple hid the problems to customers. Apple’s stealth eventually led to a software update in December 2016 that reduced the iPhone’s performance in an effort to prevent phones from shutting down unexpectedly.

The attorneys general further allege that Apple’s cover-up of battery problems and the decision to reduce the performance of iPhones from consumers led Apple to profit from selling additional iPhones to consumers whose phone performance the company had decreased. .

More than 2 million consumers in Minnesota were affected by Apple’s reduction in the performance of its iPhones.

“Part of indulging in life is getting what you were promised,” said the Fiscal General Ellison. “Smartphones are not comforts: for millions of people, they are a life saver. By joining this investigation and settlement, we hold Apple to account for its secret meddling in its own customers’ phone performance, and we make sure they tell the truth going forward. ”

According to the agreement, Apple will pay Minnesota $ 1,994,042.83 . In addition to the monetary payment, Apple must also provide accurate information to consumers about the health, performance, and power management of the iPhone battery. Apple must provide this important information in a number of ways on its website, in the update installation notes, and in the iPhone user interface itself.

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