Apple will present the new iPhone models on October 13

For the 13th of this month an event will be held to introduce the new telephone line IPhone 12. According to the Wu and Gurman report, Apple would launch four new iPhone models, called iPhone 12, two basic versions and two advanced versions, which would carry the design language of the current one, that is, with more square corners, bringing the entire line of mobile devices to the beloved iPhone 5, one of the most appreciated devices for its features.

The smallest model would come in 5.4 inches and the largest would go up to 6.7 inches; this would be the largest phone produced by the company so far. The other models would come in 6.1 inches, the same size as the iPhone 11 today, a device which has become a highly appreciated option by users as it has an almost perfect balance between size, functionality and price.

What will the prices of the models be and what features will they have?

The most recent leaks indicate that the line would look like this: iPhone 12 mini 5.4 inches, iPhone 12 6.1 inches, iPhone 12 Pro 6.1 inches and iPhone 12 Pro Max 6.7 inches. The cheapest of the models would start at $ 699, followed by $ 799, $ 999 and $ 1,099 for the top of the line. All models would be ready to buy at the latest by the end of November.

The iPhone 12 mini would come with storage options from 64G to 256GB, the same range as the iPhone 12. The Pro models will start at 128GB of internal storage and go up to 512GB.

The launch of new iPhones would also bring the inclusion of a new processor, probably called A14. The new iPhones They will come with 5G connectivity, another upgrade that has already been included in a variety of rival phones.. At this point, however, there are still many questions about the bands the phones will be compatible with, for example. In the report of Bloomberg connectivity tests are cited that do not yield results with significant improvements.

The cameras on the phones would also include enhancements that could incorporate the ability to record 4K video at low speed, as well as new possibilities for computational photography.

According to the leaks, the first two models (iPhone 12 mini and iPhone 12) will come with a dual camera system. The Pro will have an extra lens (that is, three lenses in total) for long distance photography with a 4X optical zoom. The Pro Max will incorporate 5X optical zoom.

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