Apple would be preparing the launch of a new iPhone SE and new AirPods Pro in April

Apple is one of the companies that generate the most interest with the arrival of its new products. A few months ago we saw the arrival of the new AirPods Max, headphones with noise cancellation and headband design, in addition to the iPhone 12 and iPhone SE.

Also, a few days ago rumors began to emerge about the arrival of new iPads and what would be the next iPhone 13.

However, Tim Cook’s company is working on more devices that would see their arrival on the market very soon.

New iPhone SE and AirPods Pro from Apple are coming to the market this 2021

According to various sources, such as MacOtakara, Apple would be working on the new iPhone SE and AirPods Pro 2021 that would arrive in April.

AirPods Pro

These devices are two of the most popular of the company. However, it sounds consistent that Apple is working on a new generation.

Since, the first generation AirPods Pro were presented in October 2019. Therefore, the arrival of a new generation begins to sound strongly, as Apple uses to update its devices every year.

On the other hand, the iPhone SE 2020 was one of the most popular and criticized devices of the past year. Since, since its presentation in April 2020, it caused different opinions due to the return of the traditional design of the iPhone, as well as its 4.7-inch screen.

However, this device was liked by many users. Therefore, the iPhone SE 2021 could reach the market very soon, as the third generation of this series of devices and with all the power and iOS experience.

iPhone SEiPhone SE

In this way, it is expected that it will be in April 2021 when we see the launch of the new iPhone SE and AirPods Pro. So, we will have to wait for more details to be revealed about these new Apple products.

Does the launch of a new iPhone SE in 2021 seem like a good idea for Apple? Do you like the classic design of the iPhone?

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