Apple’s App Store generated $ 64 billion in 2020

Apple’s app store once again breaks the revenue records of previous years, multiplying the growth of 2020 by ten compared to 2019.

As reported CNBC The figure would have been a true record for the app store of the company run by Tim Cook. Nothing less than 64,000 million dollars would have generated during the past year the Apple App Store.

This figure represents an increase of 28% compared to 2019, the year in which the revenue of the app store increased by 3% compared to 2018, so we are talking about multiplying by ten the growth of the previous year, with which the trend would be as follows:

  • 2018: $ 48.5 billion
  • 2019: $ 50 billion
  • 2020: $ 64 billion
Breaking down twelve year income

We do not have a breakdown of all those App Store revenues since Apple does not differentiate by areas of but rather offers a total figure corresponding to Services that includes everything.

Based on the data offered in September 2020 (when Apple’s fiscal year ends) of 53.7 billion revenues from Services, CNBC has made an approximate calculation. In January 2020, Apple announced that it had paid developers $ 200 billion since 2008.. This represents an increase of 45,000 million since then to the figure just announced by Apple.

Taking into account this difference, the estimate corresponds to 70% of the sales of the App Store, with which we obtain that figure of $ 64 billion in app revenue in 2020.

The source of income

Recall that Apple’s income from the App Store corresponds to the 30% it charges developers, except those who generate less than a million dollars with their apps, to whom it only charges 15% of their income.

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