Apple’s App Store raises its prices in Peru

The change in the price of the dollar has affected the minimum cost of the apps of the App Store from Apple in the Peru.

The price table of the apps of the App Store It has changed its values ​​as of May, with the payment options starting from S / 3.90 on the first scale, up to a maximum price of S / 3,699.90 at level 87.

Will all paid apps cost S / 3.90 or more?

No. in the Peru, and some markets considered emerging, there is the alternative price scale. In this, the apps can cost from S / 0.90 to S / 17.90 in seven levels.

The developers part of the official program Apple received an email with these changes.

“When taxes or foreign exchange rates vary, sometimes we need to update prices in the App Store of certain regions or readjust them. In the following days, the price of apps and purchases within apps (excluding auto-renewable subscriptions) in the App Store they will change ”, he justified Apple.

Changed in various countries

On Kenya Y Nigeria increases were made for a new tax, while in Sweden prices were reduced.

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