Apple’s first computer on sale for $ 1.5 million

Tech lovers in general and Apple collectors in particular are in luck as eBay has released a valuable piece of the apple company’s history. To locate this jewel of computing we must go back to 1976, the year in which Wozniak himself designed and manufactured the firm’s first computer, which was also marketed by Steve Jobs. The Apple I was one of the first personal computers and the first to combine a microprocessor with a connection for a keyboard and monitor..

The initial idea of ​​the co-founder of the American giant was to create such a model for personal use, but Jobs saw the great potential of his work and encouraged him to launch it on the market. Finally, 200 units were manufactured, of which 50 were sold to Byte Shop. The starting price of this model was $ 666 (553.82 euros).

This is the second time this private seller has published the product on eBay – © eBay

Well, now, a private seller has launched this product on this e-commerce website for an exorbitant amount. Is about a fully operational computer system in excellent condition which, in addition, was verified by Apple I expert Corey Cohen, in August 2019, at the Vintage Computer Festival West, an event in which it was one of the two units operated continuously during the show with more than 6 hours of operation per day.

The computer comes with the original Byte Shop KOA wooden box
The computer comes with the original Byte Shop KOA wooden box – © eBay
Also comes with original power supply and Datanetics Version D factory keyboard
Also comes with the original power supply and the factory Datanetics Version D keyboard – © eBay

The computer comes with the original power supply and Datanetics Version D keyboard from the factory and also includes a vintage Sony TV-115, the screen recommended by Jobs, with video modulator. According to the announcement, the transformer area of ​​the box was recently reinforced to avoid damage, as has been done in other similar Apple I boxes due to the adhesive deterioration over time.

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There are only six units of this model that are still in their original cases – an original Byte Shop KOA wooden box – and that come with the unmodified NTI motherboard., two features that could justify its high price. 1.5 million dollars (1.2 million euros) is the amount requested by its owner. Two years ago he already tried to sell it for 1.75 million dollars, but no one ever paid that amount. Will he get it this time?

Other Apple auctions

This is not the first time that a collector’s item like this has been on sale, but it is the most expensive. In 2010, the British house Christie’s launched, at an event attended by Wozniak himself, another similar model that was accompanied by a letter signed by Steve Jobs. On this occasion the final sale price was 157,000 euros. Later in 2017, another of these designs could be seen at an auction in Germany at which reached 110,000 euros. The most recent of all was held last December. In this case the starting price was $ 50,000 (41,575 euros) and the computer had been restored by an expert in September 2020.

The highest figure that has been obtained from the sale of one of these teams is about 900,000 dollars (748,410 euros), so, if you get such a quantity, this computer would become in the most expensive Apple of all time.

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