Apple’s full leather case for iPhone 12 now available

Full leather case for the new Apple iPhone 12

The presentation of the new iPhone 12 left some surprises such as the arrival of the MagSafe standard and the amount of accessories available for these new devices. Since its launch, Apple has launched the silicone and transparent cases for the new iPhone 12 as well as the leather wallet that can be attached to either of them on the back. The presentation of the terminals also announced the Leather Sleeve or integral leather sleeve, when translating it into Spanish, that is now available in the Apple Store for a price of 149 euros and four different colors.

New full leather Apple case for iPhone 12

The translation cannot be less attractive. Apple has officially launched the Leather Sleeve, a leather case that announced in October at the same time that the new iPhone 12 and the Spanish translation is integral leather cover. However, reason is not lacking since the objective of this fund is cover the entire terminal structure leaving visible only the area of ​​the screen where the time is shown. The rest is protected by the entire case, including the bottom with the external speakers.

It is made of European leather tanned and refined with a special process, it is soft to the touch and acquires a natural tone over time. It fits like a glove around the curves of the iPhone and protects it from scratches and drops without bulging anything. The inner pocket is perfect for storing credit cards or your identity card and the matching strap is very comfortable to always have it at hand.

The integral leather case it is compatible with the iPhone 12, the mini, the Pro and the Pro Max, like the rest of cases that Apple has launched in recent weeks. However, the peculiarity of this case is that allows full protection of the entire structure to which a strap is added to have the iPhone always at hand.

This new cover is made of premium quality supple leather, a natural material in which Apple advises that marks and creases can appear over time. Also, as with the rest of the covers, there is also compatibility with the MagSafe charger. Apple also advises that the use of this accessory with the MagSafe charger or other standard accessories may leave marks.

It is available in four colors: Baltic Blue, Pink Grapefruit, Caramel Brown and PRODUCT (RED). The price goes up to 149 euros and is now available in the Apple Store online and in physical stores with shipments between December 16 and 23.

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