Aragon adds another 681 coronavirus infections in the last 24 hours

Aragon registers this Saturday a total of 681 new positives percoronavirus, the highest figure in the last month after reaching 653 infections this Friday, according to Public Health data published on its web portal. These new cases are the result of 3,428 PCR tests.

On this journey, the positivity rate is 16.95% and the asymptomatic have represented 49%.

By provinces, of the total infections 450 are from Zaragoza, 113 from Teruel and 104 from Huesca, according to reports the Transparency Portal of the Government of Aragon. In addition, there are 14 cases in which it has not been possible to identify the province of origin.

By health areas, in the province of Zaragoza, the capital has added a total of 364 new positives, registering a greater number of cases in Fernando el Católico, with 30 cases; in Las Fuentes Norte, in San José Norte and in San Pablo, with 20 in each; in Torre Ramona and in Torrero La Paz, with 19; in Avenida Cataluña and in Sagasta-Ruiseñores, with 18 cases; in Arrabal and Univérstias, with 16 positives, and in Rebolería and in San José Sur with 14 positives for COVID-19.

In the rest of the Zaragoza province, the towns with the most infections have been: in María de Huerva, with 12 cases; in Gallur and in La Almunia de Doña Godina, with 7 each, and in Cariñena with 6.

In the province of Teruel, the Teruel capital has added 46 cases, of which 30 correspond to Teruel Centro and 16 to Teruel Ensanche. In addition, 13 cases have been added in Cella and Alcañiz; 9 in Mas de las Matas, and 6 in Aldorra and Villel.

Likewise, in the province of Huesca, the capital has registered 35 infections, of which 14 correspond to the Holy Grail; 13 in Perpetual Help; 5 in Huesca Pirineos, and 3 in Huesca Rural. Likewise, Jaca has added 15 positive cases for coronavirus; 9 in Biescas-Valle De Tena and Sariñena; 6 in Almudévar; 5 in Barbastro and Sabiñánigo. HOSPITAL OCCUPATION

Regarding hospital occupancy, in the autonomous community there are 526 beds occupied with patients with COVID-19, of which 66 are in the Intensive Care Unit (ICU) and 460 on the floor.

The Aragonese Government has also reported that there are 36 ICU beds with a respirator, 9 without a respirator and 1,407 conventional hospital beds.

The distribution of confirmed and investigational cases in Aragonese health centers, including private clinics, indicates that there are 129 COVID patients at the University Clinical Hospital, 18 of them in ICU; 111 admissions to the Miguel Servet University Hospital, 22 to the ICU; in the Royo Villanova Hospital they have 56 cases, 5 in the ICU; in Hospital San Jorge de Huesca 51 cases, 10 of them in ICU, and in Hospital Obispo Polanco 37 patients, 4 in ICU.

In addition, it has been recorded in the Hospital San Juan de Dios 28; there are 27 admissions in the Barbastro Hospital, 3 in the ICU; in the Hospital de Alcañiz 15; at the Quirón Hospital with 15, 2 of them in the ICU; at the Ernest Lluch Hospital with 11 patients; at the San José de Teruel Hospital they have 10 patients; 10 admissions at the Nuestra Señora de Gracia Hospital, one in the ICU; in the General Hospital of Defense 7; at the Ejea-Cinco Villas 4 Health Center; the Fraga-Bajo Cinca Health Center another 4, and at the Santiago Clinic, 3 patients.

The Ministry of Health established 500 cases per 100,000 inhabitants as one of the criteria to take into account when imposing new, more forceful restrictions to stop the second wave of coronavirus in the different regions of Spain. The other two parameters that could lead the Community to take strict measures, such as decreeing the perimeter confinement of its population, are to exceed a rate of positivity in COVID-19 tests higher than 10% -This Friday it reached 20.09% – and an occupancy of covid patients in ICUs above 35%.

Some points of Teruel and Huesca stand out in terms of the number of cases per thousand inhabitants. This is the case of Villel (4 per thousand), Cella (3), Más de las Matas (3), Cella (3), Teruel Centro (2), Mora de Ruebielos (2), Biescas-Valle de Tena (2 ), Jaca (1) and Almudévar (1).


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