Archives (2021) arrives with new rewards and challenges

Ready for a new edition of Archives, players of Overwatch? As always, with this event comes new rewards and challenges for all Blizzard FPS users. Then you can see the news that will come to Overwatch via Archives 2021.

How long will it last?

The Archives 2021 event will be available to all players of Overwatch between April 6 and 27. As usual, this will allow you to play the missions from previous Archives.

What rewards, challenges, and other new features does Archives 2021 bring to Overwatch?

Throughout Archives 2021, players from Overwatch They can be made with rewards from past iterations of the event and some new ones. These include 3 gestures and 8 appearances. While 5 of these can be obtained through loot boxes of Overwatch, the other 3 can only be obtained through the weekly Archives 2021 challenges.

By earning stars in missions, players can earn these rewards:

What activities does Archives 2021 bring?

Although Archives 2021 does not add a new mission, it brings back the missions Insurrection, Revenge and Impending storm. However, these have new modifiers:

  • New Insurrection Challenge Mission:
    • Armored Barriers: Enemy barriers are invulnerable.
  • New Vengeance Challenge Mission:
    • Solidarity Benefit: Damage inflicted on some enemies heals others.
  • New Impending Storm Challenge Mission:
    • Lightning Storm: Enemies deal damage to all nearby players.

All players will get a free loot box for their first win in each mode.

Overwatch is available for PS4, Xbox One, Switch, and PC. Its sequel has no release date yet. To know more about the latter, we recommend following this link.

Source: official page of Overwatch

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