Argentina proposes to the United Kingdom to produce AstraZeneca vaccines

This content was published on 03 May 2021 – 22:33

Buenos Aires, May 3 (EFE) .- The Government of Argentina proposed this Monday to the United Kingdom to produce locally the vaccine against covid-19 developed by the AstraZeneca laboratory in collaboration with the British University of Oxford.

This was transmitted by the Minister of Health of Argentina, Carla Vizzotti, to the ambassador of the United Kingdom in Buenos Aires, Mark Kent, during a meeting they held at the Casa Rosada, headquarters of the Argentine Executive.

“As we communicated to AstraZeneca, we ask the ambassador to continue looking for more and better opportunities, between both states, through the University of Oxford to be able to explore the possibility of being part of the vaccine production chain, in the short term and medium term, not only for Argentina but for Latin America, “Vizzotti said in a statement.

Recently, Vizzotti also held a virtual meeting with the UK’s Minister for the Deployment of Covid-19 Vaccines, Nadhim Zahawi.

Argentina has a vaccine supply contract signed with AstraZeneca.

In addition, last August, Argentina and Mexico announced an agreement to produce the vaccine developed by AstraZeneca for Latin America.

In Argentina, the mAbxience laboratory, of the Insud Group, was responsible for the production of the active substance of the vaccine, while the Mexican laboratory Liomont had to complete the formulation and packaging process, but had difficulties in obtaining supplies and the process was delayed.


On the other hand, Vizzotti and the Argentine presidential advisor Cecilia Nicolini held virtual meetings with authorities and businessmen from China and Israel on Monday to formally begin talks on possible Argentine participation in the research phase and in the vaccine production chain. against covid-19.

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Directors from the Chinese laboratory Sinopharm and the Argentine company Sinergium Biotech participated in the first meeting.

On the other hand, according to official sources, Vizzotti and Nicolini had the first contact with the Hadassah International hospital team, led by the Argentine doctor Jorge Diner, “to begin the work of cooperation and exchange of experiences in prevention and fight against coronavirus, research and development of vaccines and drugs, epidemiological management, patient care and vaccination campaign “.

The virtual meeting was the prelude to a visit that the Hadassah team of experts, led by Professor Yoram Weiss, will make next week to Argentina. EFE

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