Argentina, with record COVID cases, imposes restrictions

After surpassing its own record of daily coronavirus infections on Wednesday, Argentina banned nighttime circulation and limited social and recreational activities to avoid a health collapse despite the resistance of the productive sectors that suffered millions in losses due to the pandemic in 2020.

The Ministry of Health reported 22,039 confirmed cases in the last 24 hours, 1,169 more than the day before. This Wednesday’s figure is the highest since the pandemic began in March 2020.

The South American country accumulates 2.4 million infected. While there were 199 deaths in the last report, bringing the total to 56,832

“Argentina has entered the second wave,” said President Aberto Fernández, in a message recorded and broadcast on social networks. “In the last 7 days alone, cases increased 36% throughout the country and 53% in the AMBA (metropolitan area of ​​Buenos Aires).”

The president, who is isolated after contracting COVID-19, affirmed that “social relaxation continued to a great extent, clandestine parties and social gatherings were repeated, contradicting all the protocols that we recommend complying with.”

As of Friday and until April 30, the government prohibited traffic between midnight and six in the morning; suspended social activities in private homes and social gatherings in public outdoor spaces of more than 20 people.

Meanwhile, he ordered the closure of casinos, bingo halls, discos and a party hall, while bars and restaurants began at eleven o’clock at night.

These measures correspond to areas of the country with the highest epidemiological and sanitary risk. The rest of the jurisdictions, the president urged the governors to make decisions that “reduce circulation to prevent infections.”

At the national level, group trips for students and tourists were suspended.

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The president delayed the announcements for several days due to the dilemma of avoiding the health collapse or deepening the economic crisis with the restrictions, to which the social exhaustion of the pandemic is added.

63% of Argentines assess that the country’s economic situation is worse than last year, according to the social and political humor monitor carried out in March by the consultancy D’Alessio IROL and Berensztein out of 1,187 consulted throughout the country.

Regarding the future, 55% believe that the economic situation will be worse in a year.

Another determining factor for the president is poverty, which affects 42% of the population (19 million people), according to the official measurement in the second half of 2020.

“I have the political responsibility to take the reins and continue leading the country. But in these circumstances, my human condition prevails, which forces me to take care of life and health first of all ”, concluded Fernández.

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