Argentinity to the stick! Icardi scored in the classic and Mauricio Pochettino won his first title at PSG

PSG defeated by two to one Marsella Olympic with a goal from the Argentine forward Mauro Icardi and he was crowned champion of the French Super Cup. Mauricio Pochettino he achieved his first title as a professional coach and therefore his first in the French capital. The cast of the sheikhs won the competition for the seventh consecutive edition, in a streak never seen before.

In the great French classic there were four Argentine footballers, three in Pochettino’s team and one in Villasboas’ team. Ángel Di María, Leandro Paredes and Mauro Icardi started at PSG, while Pipa Benedetto entered the second half for Marseille. The former Boca striker had a clear header that could have meant a draw for the only French team champion of the Champions League.

The great news for Mauricio Pochettino was that Neymar was able to add minutes after the injury he suffered and took him away from the courts. It was a very important game for the Brazilian because he faced Álvaro González, a player whom he accused of giving him racist insults. In addition, the emblem of the Brazilian National Team scored a penalty with great skill to seal the two to zero.

Devilish neymar

After the goal, Ney celebrated it in a mocking tone sticking out his tongue and went to greet his current coach, who gave him confidence. A very good collective move that ended with a great definition from Payet, a former West Ham man, marked the discount for Olympique de Marseille. The goal of the Marseille team was 44 minutes into the second stage, so they had almost no time to overcome it.

Of the three games that Pochettino led to Paris Saint Germain, today’s was the best. While coming off a 3-0 win in Ligue 1, the team had given no guarantees defensively. Pochettino added his first title as DT in a young career that paints to be more than successful, in a club used to winning. Now, the main challenge will be the Champions League.

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