Armenians from Mar del Plata demonstrated for peace «Diario La Capital de Mar del Plata

The Armenian community in Mar del Plata held a new demonstration in Mar del Plata. It “is in support of our brothers in Armenia and Artsakh who heroically resist the genocidal onslaught of Turkey and Azerbaijan,” the organizers explained.

The caravan began this Saturday afternoon from Las Heras and the coast, with flags, wearing a chinstrap and maintaining social distance.

“Armenia is facing two military powers like Turkey and Azerbaijan. Diaspora youth are traveling to enlist from the US, Canada, France and Greece. From here we can fight a battle with protests, through the media, online, etc. Let’s do our part, let’s all be present. NO TO WAR, YES TO PEACE ”, read the convocation.

Shortly after the march, it was learned that Armenia and Azerbaijan agreed to a truce in the conflict zone in Nagorno Karabakh starting this Sunday.

It should be remembered that on September 27 armed clashes broke out again in Nagorno Karabakh, the focus of conflict between Armenia and Azerbaijan since that territory, with a predominantly Armenian population, decided to separate in 1988 from the then Azerbaijani Soviet Socialist Republic.

After days of intense fighting, the two countries agreed to a ceasefire in Moscow that took effect on October 10.

Despite the announced truce, hostilities have not ceased to date with hundreds of military casualties and dozens of civilian victims in Armenia and Azerbaijan.

Several states and international organizations expressed their concern over violations of the truce and called for compliance with it.

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