Armenians in Qamishlo protest against Turkey

A crowd from northern Syria protested against the crimes of the Turkish state in the war against the Republic of Artsakh and the deployment of jihadist mercenaries in Azerbaijan. In addition to Armenians, Syrians, Kurds and Arabs participated in the protest action in front of the Armenian Association.

On the posters and banners, Erdogan was described as a terrorist and demanded an end to the Turkish war of aggression. On behalf of the Armenians of Qamishlo, Bakin Xazaryan delivered a speech in which he condemned the silence of the world community on the aggressive attitude of the Turkish state against Armenia. “Erdogan’s terror in Artsakh is the continuation of the occupation in Syria,” the statement said.

According to official figures, 600 people have died in the Artsakh conflict so far. The actual balance, however, is likely to be much more dramatic. The warring parties claim to have killed thousands of the other party. Azerbaijan completely hides military losses and only gives civilian casualty figures.

Behind the Azerbaijani aggression is, above all, the Turkish AKP / MHP regime. Turkey has sent mercenary jihadist troops from Syria to the front line against Armenia and is present in the region with soldiers and officers. There are repeated reports of air strikes by Turkish planes on Armenian positions. Turkish armed drones are also used in warfare. In this way, Turkey is trying to expand its access to Azerbaijan’s oil and gas fields, to advance the Turanist-racist project of Panturkism and to stabilize internally through aggressive expansionism.

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