Union bet on the youth for their trip to Sarandí and they did not disappoint. Tatengue played better than Arsenal and won a key duel 3-2 in Zone 1 of the Professional League Cup. Juan Manuel Azconzábal’s team had great performances in all sectors of the field and on top of that his victory left Racing out of the fight for the championship.

The rojiblanca head is in the Copa Sudamericana duel against Bahia in Brazil but the alternative formation made its footing at the Julio Humberto Grondona stadium. He suffered with the shot to the net by Jhonatan Candia and resisted the few attacks of Ass in the great performance of the boy Federico Bonansea. An error by Maximiliano Gagliardo helped the visit to tie with a revived by Juan Manuel García in an imprecise initial stage.

The best of the Tate appeared in the second half. He took possession of the ball and came assiduously to the goal of an insecure Gagliardo. The Santa Fe went ahead with a goal against Candia at the exit of a corner and another goal from García after a masterful cue from Kevin Zenón. The work of the “Vasco” men was solid in the complement but was complicated by the expulsion of Leonel Bucca. At that time, those led by Sergio Rondina took more prominence, discounted with a rebound from Mateo Carabajal in the area and were even able to equalize it with a free kick from Alan Ruiz. The effort of the Viaduct was not enough and Tatengue triumphed for the first time in Sarandí playing in the First Division.

In Santa Fe they think of Bahia and enjoy a good time in the Professional League Cup. Tate had an “Arsenal” of youth and settled for their goal of moving to the championship zone.

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