Arsenal and Unión draw 1 to 1 in Sarandí

Tatengue is tying for the fifth date of the Professional League. Candia converted for the local and García tied it.

Photo: Union Club

Arsenal and Unión are playing in Sarandí on the fifth date corresponding to Zone 1 of the Professional League. In a locked match, the locals had many clear scoring chances and managed to convert from Candia’s hand, while Garcia put the tie at the end of the first 45 minutes.

With an alternative team due to the fact that on Tuesday they will face Bahia for the South American Cup, Tate took to the field with: Bonansea; Gerometta, Calderón, Godoy, Corvalán; Cabrera, Assis, Bucca, Elizari, Zenón and García.

The formation of those directed by Rondina was: Gagliardo; Carabajal, Pereyra, Suso, Papa; Méndez, Soraire, Castro, Antilef; Candia and Luna.

Ass’s goal came in the 36th minute after an oversight by the Tatengue defense. The player Candia received the ball after a cross ball and only had to define against goalkeeper Bonansea.

Meanwhile, the tie came from a former local player, because García managed to take advantage of a rebound from goalkeeper Gagliardi after a shot from Zenón, and put it 1 to 1.

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