Arsenal, another blow for Racing

Lucas Albertengo opened the scoring in Arsenal’s 2-0 win over Racing. PHOTO: Télam

Avellaneda, Buenos Aires.-EThe beginning of the match marked the schemes chosen by the coaches Sebastián Beccacece Y Sergio Rondina. Racing He stopped with a 4-1-4-1, while the visitor appealed to the typical 4-4-2. In the beginning, it hit Arsenal -dressed entirely in lilac-, with a ready move. Free kick, short passes, and free arrival of Lucas Albertengo, which stamped, alone, the 1-0 partial. And it served to gain confidence in the visit, since he dominated the actions of the game for 10 minutes.

Reacted later the Academia -with total light blue attire-, which arrived with a head butt barely deflected from Leonardo Sigali, first, and a double chance, later: auction of Lisandro Lopez, and a long bounce from the goalkeeper Maximiliano gagliardo, which was wasted by Hector Fertoli, since he put a crossed left foot, next to the left post. Later, the former goalkeeper of The Andes He excelled by avoiding the tie, before a low header and corner of Carlos Alcaraz placeholder image.

The scorer Albertengo must have come out due to a tear, at 28 minutes, so the Egg Rondina put a conservative change, with the entry of a central steering wheel (Leonel Picco). There, the idea of ​​the set of Sarandí It was to populate half the court, and endure the attacks racinguistas.

Fértoli he missed two clear chances to equalize, before the passivity of the rival central markers duo. But efficiency is vital in football, and it is a pending matter for those led by Beccacece. Bad output of Tiago Banega, with the team in the opposite field, and a couple of lethal combinations, were perfectly defined by the Uruguayan Jhonatan candia, which sealed the 2-0, at 37 minutes.

The local coach had three changes, initially, in the second stage, to turn the story around. Juan Cáceres, Benjamín Garré and Jonathan Cristaldo forced the ultra-offensive approach of a 3-1-4-2. Racing gained in possession and depth, and almost discounted at minute 14, with a heads-up of Gagliardo, which covered before Despite López.

At 37 minutes, the local almost managed to reduce the figures, since Eugenio Mena he burst the crossbar, with an unapproachable left foot. The impotence was reflected in the end of the meeting, with the expulsion of their leader, López.

The process of the meeting served to assimilate the management of each technician. While one enjoys the wealth of a roster to compete internationally, the other reinvented a competitive starting lineup. With the departure of 15 players from the previous season, Rondina got unknown but profitable replacements.

Racing He only appealed to a saving header from Alcaraz or some shot of Miranda, and nothing more. Arsenal was based on the experience of Gagliardo Y Emiliano Pope, in addition to good management of Jesus Soraire. Complicated panorama in the Academia, with three consecutive defeats, a series of muscular injuries and the magnifying glass on Beccacece, facing the duel cupbearer against Flamengo.

Synthesis of the Party:

Racing (0): Gabriel Arias; Iván Pillud, Leonardo Sigali, Lucas Orban, Eugenio Mena; Leonel Miranda; Tiago Banega, Carlos Alcaraz, Walter Montoya, Héctor Fértoli; Lisandro López. DT: Sebastián Beccacece

Arsenal (2): Maximiliano Gagliardo; Mateo Carabajal, Fabio Pereyra, Gastón Suso, Emiliano Papa; Alejo Antilef, Ramiro Luna, Jesús Soraire, Nicolás Castro; Lucas Albertengo and Jhonatan Candia. DT: Sergio Rondina

Goals: PT: 4’ Albertengo (A), 37’ Candia (A)

Changes: PT: 28 ‘Picco for Albertengo (A). ST: Cáceres, Garré and Cristaldo for Pillud, Benega and Montoya (R), 21 ‘Abreliano for Luna and Balbuena for Castro (A), 32’ Marchi and Ruiz for Antilef and Candia (A).

Driven out: ST: 44’ López (R)

Admonished: PT: 39’ Antilef (A). ST: 15’ López (R), 25’ Alcaraz (R)

Referee: Pablo Echavarría

Stadium: President Perón

By Carlos Alvarez | On Twitter: @ LitoAlvarez1968

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