Arsenal de Río Cuarto ⋆ Last Play

Bruno Sepúlveda signed with the Sarandí team and thus is the third Estudiantes player to be led by Sergio Rondina. Previously, Lucas Suárez and Gastón Benavidez did.

Estudiantes de Río Cuarto announced that Bruno Sepúlveda will leave the Avenida España institution to join Arsenal de Sarandí, which will debut tomorrow in the Professional League Cup against San Lorenzo de Almagro.

The 28-year-old forward, born in Viedma, arrived at León in 2017 when the team was at Argentino B. Sepúlveda was an important piece of Marcelo Vázquez’s team and achieved the two promotions of his cycle, he also participated in the finals against por por promotion to the top flight.

In this way, Estudiantes added the third player to transfer to Arsenal de Sarandí, the other two were wingers Lucas Suárez and Gastón Benavidez, who are on the list of concentrates for tomorrow to face Cuervo.

Gerardo Acuña, Celeste coach, had announced that if Sepúlveda left, he would bring a striker who would do a double with Javier Ferreira, so names are expected in the coming days.

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