Arsenal fans plan to invade Emirates Stadium on Thursday against Villarreal

Some 1,000 Manchester United fans stormed Old Trafford last Sunday, causing Manchester United-Liverpool to be suspended. Another 200 supporters gathered in front of the Lowry Hotel. These mobilizations were aimed at protesting against the Glazers, owners of the Mancuniano club, for United’s entry into the Super League. As well, A group of Arsenal fans intend to take over from Manchester United supporters and are calling for a similar rally for next Thursday on the occasion of Villarreal’s visit to London to dispute the return of the semifinals of the Europa League. The ‘Gunners’ fans want to show their discomfort at the decision taken by their leaders to have signed their inclusion in the Super League. The promoters of the concentration at the Emirates Stadium have launched this message on social networks to summon their followers: “Daniel Ek (founder of Spotify who wants to buy the club) is putting pressure on Stan Kroenke (owner of Arsenal). We, as fans, must do the same ”. His intention is to cause the suspension of the match against Villarreal, just like United fans did with the game against Liverpool this Sunday. UEFA has not yet ruled on the matter, but the sanction that Arsenal is risking would have important consequences for the London entity.

The incidents last Sunday in Manchester, in addition to the cancellation of the English Classic, left six police officers injured. One of the officers sustained a fractured eye socket and another a face wound. Both were hospitalized. Police called the actions “absolutely heinous” after the followers managed to enter the field by force.

But the first supporters who resorted to the mobilizations to protest against their leaders for being part of the 12 promoter clubs of the Super League, were lChelsea fans. The ‘blues’ fans demonstrated on April 20 at the gates of Stamford Bridge before the game against Brighton. Former captain and current club advisor Petr Cech had to ask the protesters to calm down and request that they allow the team bus to enter the stadium: “Calm down, please, calm down, let the bus enter. I understand it, I understand it ”, said the exporter to the fans gathered there.

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