Arsenal forward denounces receiving racist messages

Arsenal’s Brazilian forward Willian Borges, He denounced in several publications made in the stories of his Instagram account derogatory and racist messages against him.

The 32-year-old posted screenshots of the comments addressed to him where he wrote the following: “Something must change! The fight against racism continues, ”he said. Some of the messages he posted that read the following: “Go back to the jungle m … monkey”, “Why the hell did you go to play yesterday, you are a damn … shit … you are a monkey”. Another of the messages addressed to the Brazilian soccer player said the following: “Iodine .. mono”.

For their part, the Arsenal board of directors expressed their rejection of the messages that the Brazilian winger received on his social networks. “We all need to work together to eliminate this type of behavior. This includes clubs, governing bodies, fans, the media, and politicians; but it requires the help and commitment of social media companies, ”a club spokesperson was quoted as saying by British media.

Willian is not the only Arsenal player to have received racist messages on social media. In fact, another striker from the London team, Eddie Nketiah, He also received messages with racist insults.

Similar episodes

Other similar cases were experienced by several Premier League players at the end of January. That time Manchester United striker Marcus Rashford received racist insults on social media after the match The one where The Red Devils and the Gunners tied and that was held on January 30.

Unlike the Brazilian, Rashford did not publish the images of the comments and insults he received after the meeting, but he wrote on Twitter that they were “the worst of humanity and social media.” “Yes, I am a black man and I live each day proud to be one,” he wrote. “No one and no comment is going to make me feel different. I’m sorry if they were expecting a strong reaction, it’s just that they just won’t be able to get there, ”he added.

At the time, Manchester Metropolitan Police reported investigating racist comments received by other United footballers, including two of Rashford’s teammates: Alex Tuanzebe and Anthony Martial.

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“No one should be subjected to this kind of abuse (…) It is deeply disturbing not only for those who suffer it, but for all those who come across this horrible language. These hateful words have no place in our society, be it online or in another setting ”, Manchester police officials said in a statement.

Arrested for another incident

On January 29, it was learned that a person was arrested on suspicion of writing racist insults to West Bromwich Albion midfielder Romaine Sawyers, during the 5-0 loss to Manchester City. The same day, Chelsea defender Reece James He posted on his social networks racist insults that he received on his networks.

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