Arsenal: Shuffle and Give Again

If a team is an idea and achieving a defined identity holds merit beyond any occasional sporting result, it would be unfair to punish a team like Arsenal too much that despite its limited budget and carrying an innumerable amount of limitations, is very clear about what he is trying to show within a playing field and it is commanded by a coach who has already shown ample evidence of his undeniable ability

Arsenal - Banfield, the Footsteps report

The truth is that while continuing to welcome and accommodate the ten reinforcements that have arrived at the club For this season, the Viaducto team started the year with a string of unexpected defeats.

There were bursts of a few minutes of deconcentration in both meetings where Arsenal received two precise blows to the chin and then, this must be marked, could not show the necessary arguments to reverse both defeats.

It is clear that incorporations need more filming and training time To adapt to the idea, that the kids trained at home leave plenty of evidence that they have conditions but are still in a period of logical maturation and that after all the good that the team has shown last season, the demands now seem to have increased.

The truth is that next Friday the cast of SarandĂ­ will have to face another tough obstacle, Aldosivi commanded by Fernando Gago with a clear footballing intention in tow. It’s time to shuffle and give again, rearrange the pieces and delve into all the good that this team has already shown it has to offer.

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