Arsenal took advantage of the bad moment of Racing

The cast of Sarandí took the lead at 3 minutes of the first half through LucasAlbertengo, while at 37 of the same stage Jhonatan Candia scored the second conquest and the local team finished with ten players when Lisandro López was expelled, to the 47 of the complement.
With this result, Arsenal adds 4 units as does Unión de Santa Fe, while Racing is the last in the table as it has no points and it is led by Atlético Tucumán with 9 points.
Sarandí’s team started better in the game since at 3 minutes he managed to open the scoring with a blackboard play. In a free kick, Jesús Soraire gave a pass to the middle, the ball was received by Lucas Albertengo inside the area in the middle and defined before the departure of Gabriel Arias.
Racing went looking for a draw and, although he had chances to get it, he could not against goalkeeper Maximiliano Gagliardo who had four good covers to avoid the fall of his fence.
The first arrival of the local cast was at 13 minutes by means of a header from Leandro Sigali, but the ball went close over the bar while then came the gagliardo save show.
On the 14th minute, Lisandro López shot from the goal of the area, covered Gagliardo, the rebound was left to Héctor Fértoli, who shot from inside the area on the left, but the ball went very close to the goalkeeper’s left post.
Arsenal’s goalkeeper appeared in the 19th minute to block a header from Carlos Alcaraz while at 35 he had another good participation by taking the ball after a shot from Fértoli.
The good performance of Gagliardo and the lack of effectiveness of Racing was taken advantage of by Arsenal that, at 37 minutes, increased the advantage through a goal from Jhonatan Candia, who was sent to the area, beat Sigali and defined in the middle of the goal .
Already in the second half, at 14 minutes, Gagliardo covered Lisandro López’s hand in hand while Racing had another chance at 35 minutes through a cross from Eugenio Mena that the goalkeeper cleared.
After 37 minutes and after a corner from the left, the ball was left to Mena, who almost from the penalty spot, finished off and the ball bounced off the crossbar.
Racing 0: Gabriel Arias; Iván Pillud, Leonardo Sigali, Lucas Orban, Eugenio Mena; Tiago Banega, Leonel Miranda, Carlos Alcaraz; Walter Montoya, Lisandro López and Héctor Fértoli. DT: Sebastián Beccacece.
Arsenal 2: Maximiliano Gagliardo; Mateo Carabajal, Fabio Pereyra, Gastón Suso, Emiliano Papa; Jesús Soraire, Alejo Antilef, Ramiro Luna; Nicolás Castro, Jhonatan Candia and Lucas Albertengo. DT: Sergio Rondina.
Goals PT: 3m, Lucas Albertengo (A) and 37m, Jhonatan Candia (A).
Changes PT: 39m, Leonel Picco for Albertengo (A). ST at the beginning Benjamín Garre by Montoya (RC), Jonathan Cristaldo by Banega (RC) and Juan Cáceres by Pillud (RC); 22m, Ulises Abreliano for Luna (A) and Ramiro Balbuena for Castro (A); 32m, Leonardo Marchi for Candia (A) and Alan Ruiz for Antilef (A).

Incidence in the second half: 47m, Lisandro López (RC) was sent off, for a double warning.
Stadium: Presidente Perón (Racing).
Referee: Pablo Echavarría.

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