Arsenal vs. Alberto Contador: Gunmen

Both fans of the London team and the former Pinto runner have the same nickname

Isabel Arroyo Sauces

Shield of Arsenal and Alberto Contador (EFE).

In football there are many shared nicknames. For example, for most fans, the targets are the Real Madrid players. However, the readers of Estadio Deportivo will have read more than once in that newspaper the term whites to refer to Sevilla footballers, as well as in Super Sport they call whites to those of Valencia. Traditionally, La Roja has always been the Chilean team, but when Luis Aragonés took command of the Spanish team, Spain also became the Red. Regarding the Yellow SubmarineBoth Villarreal and Cádiz share the origin of their nickname in the famous Beatles song.

Sometimes in soccer nicknames are shared and other times, soccer shares them with other sports disciplines

At other times, you have to go to other sports disciplines to discover more shared nicknames. It is the case of Arsenal and of Alberto counter, because both the players and fans of the London team like to ex Pinto runner they call them gunmen. Where does the origin of each pistol come from?

Arsenal and the Gunners

Evolution of the Arsenal shield.

Evolution of the Arsenal shield.

Obviously, the Arsenal players are known as gunners for him cannon of his shield, but what is the origin of this cannon? As with all football teams with a long historical tradition, the arsenal crest it has evolved over time. In its first version, it symbolizes the crest of the Woolwich district. In the absence of one, there is three vertical barrels with heads of lions. What do these weapons mean? The armament factory where its founders worked, who called the team Dial Square. In 1983 it changed the name to Woolwich Arsenal and in 1913, it was simply renamed The Arsenal.

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The first Arsenal shield had three cannons

As of the second version, the three vertical guns went to a large horizontal one. The cannon disappeared in 1936, but in 1949 it returned and to this day it remains the largest Arsenal hallmark. The military origin of the team has remained with the passage of time and hence every Arsenal fan is considered a gunman.

Alberto Contador and his gun

Alberto Contador in the 2009 Tour: EFE.

Alberto Contador in the 2009 Tour: EFE.

For the memory will be those glorious afternoons in which Alberto counter He stole a siesta from cycling fans between ports, plains and slopes. The races were very hard, but it was all worth it if at the end of the road or won the stage O well saved the leader’s jersey. The celebration? Make by hand a gesture of shooting with a pistol.

Alberto Contador celebrated his victories by pointing his fingers as if he were going to shoot with a pistol

Contador’s pistol has given rise to many metaphors in the press. Some said that I was looking for targets in the sense that where he put his eye, he put the attack. Others pointed to their Extremadura ancestors, because Extremadura is a land of conquerors and that is something that the former runner carries in genetics and puts it into practice when it comes to getting on the bike. And it is that between lights and shadows, Alberto Contador has always known how to get out the front door. His name appears in capital letters in the list of the best Spanish cyclists in history. That is his greatest achievement.

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