He broke hearts throughout the country when he officially became Instagram with his girlfriend last year, but that has not deterred fans of Arthur Chatto, as his latest social media break proves. The grandson of Princess Margaret, who is 25th in a row, shared another shirtless selfie on his account on Monday sends his 94,000 followers into a frenzy. In the snap, the 19-year-old bends his bare muscles as he strides across the Scottish Highlands in a rather inappropriate ensemble.Captioning the image, which has received more than 21,000 likes so far, he wrote: & # 39; Trekking in the Scottish Highlands. & # 39; The post was flooded with remarks from adoring fans praising the handsome looks of the queen's cousin.

The grandson of Princess Margaret, Arthur Chatto, has again shared a shirtless selfie on the Scottish Highlands. One wrote: 'Scotland has never looked so warm before & # 39 ;, while another simply & # 39; Get married with me! & # 39; Says. It is believed that Arthur spent the new year in the highlands with parts of his photographs and a paltry Lochnagar last week. Despite his hordes of young fans, the queen's previous page boy has a relationship with friend Lizzie Friend, with whom he officially became Instagram. The son of Lady Sarah Chatto, 23rd in line, placed a beloved blow of Lizzie on his knee with an arm around his shoulder.

It is believed that Arthur spent the new year in the highlands with shared snaps of his and a palschale Lochnagar last week

The cousin of the queen (pictured in Lochnagar) has more than 94,000 followers on his Instagram account. Lizzie is a fellow student at the University of Edinburgh, where Arthur studies Art History, and a source that told the Daily Mail earlier: "They started right away. & # 39; She is very sweet and they are a very nice couple. He took her to Royal Ascot this summer as his date. "However, many of Arthur's followers were disappointed by the news that he was from the market, with several admissions that they were" jealous "while another" broken heart "wrote While Arthur is still best known for his descent as the grandson of Princess Margaret, the Queen's deceased sister, he quickly gets a loyal online follower thanks to his very cheeky Instagram snaps.From the official photo ?? s that we usually see of kings, Arthur's Instagram account gives a rare glimpse into his daily life – and the teenager has no problem sharing revealing snaps.

Arthur broke hearts throughout the nation in September, when he revealed his relationship with fellow students from the University of Lizzie Friend on social media by putting a beloved photo of his girlfriend on his knee with an arm wrapped around his shoulder.

Fans were heartbroken by the news that Britain's most eligible royal bachelor is now definitely off the market. Earlier this summer, Arthur's heart beat when he took a picture with only white Calvin Klein boxers and a very serious expression, and his hunky physique immediately attracted compliments from female admirers. After attending the Westminster Cathedral Choir school he followed in the footsteps of William and Harry at £ 33,270-a-year Eton, graduating this summer. At Eton he was in his combined cadet power, which teaches students different military skills. It echoed the journey of Prince Harry, who also came to the CCF in Eton before enrolling in the armed forces. Now he has followed his older brother Sam to the University of Edinburgh.

Arthur, who is known for his shirtless selfies, treated fans in this photo of a holiday in Greece in August 2018

Earlier this summer, Arthur sent a heartbeat when he took a picture with only white Calvin Klein boxer shorts and a very serious expression. Unlike his buff-brother, yoga-loving vegan Sam likes social media to post spiritual messages, such as: "Everything is beautiful and worthy of love, because, in love, we are able to make our soul to feed. "Today I felt love for the sun on my skin, the work I did and the stones of the streets I entered – what did you love today?" Arthur, on the other hand, showed interest in the delivery service Deliveroo for food, and an app called Buzz Maids that allows users to rent clean toilets Princess Margaret's grandson is also a fan of outdoor sports including arctic diving and mountaineering.

Arthur acted as page boy for the Queen in 2012 and wore her gown for the Order of the British Empire in St. Paul's Cathedral.