Dealing with new contracts at supermarket giant Asda could lead buyers to settle elsewhere, a union claims.

The GMB said that a survey of 1,000 respondents found that nearly two in five, after hearing the terms of the new contract, are less likely to buy from Asda

The union is involved in a long-standing dispute with Asda over the new contracts, which say that paid breaks are eliminated and shift patterns changed.

According to Asda, most of their employees have signed the new contract, which provides for an increase in basic salary, while workers receive an expanded package with an annual bonus.

Gary Carter, GM international, said: "Asda used to be rooted in family values, and this poll shows that Asda's buyers are expecting it.

"Asda customers want to be served primarily by people who are respected and well treated in their work – no one wants to feel bad when they shop, especially not for Christmas.

"GMB is not happy about it, because our members' jobs depend on the people who shop at Asda, but people want to feel comfortable, where they can shop and clearly vote with their feet.

"Asda could still rethink her plans and simply stop punishing loyal workers who work hard for her every day, and GMB urges her to do just that."

An Asda spokesman said. "We have always been aware that people have responsibilities outside of work, and we will always help them reconcile them with their working lives.

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"We will not ask her to postpone her working hours, her days or departments."

Asda pointed out that the survey also found that nearly half of respondents felt the contract amendment would not affect their purchasing plans, and 17 percent said they were more likely to shop at the grocery store.