This is the first picture of a "wonderful" mother of four who was stabbed to death while she was in school.

Aliny Mendes, 39, was stabbed in the Stoneleigh neighborhood of Ewell, Surrey on Friday afternoon.

Residents on busy road A stated that she was carrying a child at that time and that she was perhaps recovering her other two children at the nearby elementary school for pickup at 3:15 pm

One witness claimed that a man had jumped from a black SUV and had rushed towards her while she was going to pick up her children.

Paramedics tried to revive the woman but, tragically, she was pronounced dead at the scene.

Two men were arrested in connection with the murder Friday afternoon, less than two kilometers from the scene at Cheam.

Witnesses said they were handcuffed and taken away while a police helicopter was flying over their heads.

A large police cordon on the scene

Aliny has been described in emotional tributes as a "warm and wonderful" mom.

Today, 24 hours after the attack, parents gathered to pay homage to their parents in the street where she was killed.

A bouquet of flowers left at the police cordon this morning reads: "Aliny, rest in peace.

"You were so hot and so wonderful a mother. There are no words. Many love Alison and his family.

One woman said, "She has three children, two go to school. The other is a baby.

Two men were arrested in connection with the death

"My granddaughter goes to school and they send the kids home at 3:15, so she should be about to pick them up.

"The school did not say anything about it, as it did on Friday morning."

Aliny has been described as "full of life" by the members of her Catholic ecclesial community.

They said that the mother born in Brazil liked to collect money for people through the Surrey church.

Members of St. George's Church in Epsom have created a crowdfunding page to raise funds for her family and children.

One of them said, "She was really charming, there was always something going on in the church.

"We organized a fundraising dinner and she helped organize it, she raised money for people, I never had it, and I would never have a say in it. . "

Father Gianom, a priest at the church, said: "This was a person full of life, she had a lot to look after children.

"She had four children – three boys and one girl, the youngest was a girl, and I baptized her recently

"He was a very close friend of the family, he was really a nice woman.

"Every morning she got up at 4 in the morning for the kids, she made a lot of sacrifices, she did not work, she took care of the children."

The mother was stabbed to death

A devastated friend, who did not want to be named, told the Sun: "She is a wonderful person, a lovely and adorable person.

"She always did good for others and the kids were wonderful too.

"There are no real words to describe it and it's a huge shock for all of us."

Another woman, who did not want to be named, told the Daily Mail: "She was very, very popular.

"The entire school community is shocked and will do anything to help children in any way possible.

"We are creating a JustGiving page to raise funds for the children and repatriate them back to Brazil."

Flowers left at the place of the woman's death in Surrey

According to locals, two men were arrested by a recreation center after a stabbing attack about an hour and a half later.

The arrests took place near the Cheam Recreation Center, less than 1.5 km away.

According to neighbors living on the road, armed police "armed with rifles" and body armor arrested the two men, both wearing caps.

They were detained in a nearby medical center near a police vehicle arrived about two hours later.

The white van in which they traveled was towed around 9 pm

A man in his forties, a native of Epsom, was arrested for murder and a fifty-year-old man from London was arrested for helping an offender. Both men remain in detention while investigations continue.

A previous police release said it believed the victim and the suspect knew each other.

Flowers left at the place of the woman's death in Surrey

Chief Inspector Michael Hodder said, "This is a tragic incident where, unfortunately, a woman lost her life as a result of her injuries. At present, we are not looking for anyone else in connection with this incident and we believe that no one else has been hurt. The coroner has been informed.

"Child victims have the support and immediate care they need in this difficult time.

"A cordon was installed overnight and will stay a few hours to allow investigators at the crime scene to gather evidence. The road will remain closed and we thank the public for their patience and support during the conduct of their investigations.

"We have conducted door-to-door investigations and have already spoken to several witnesses who have come forward. If you have witnessed the incident and have not spoken to us yet, please move on.

Police on the scene

"I would also like to ask everyone in the area who was traveling in a vehicle with a dash camera or helmet film that you are looking at it in case you have something to help us establish a calendar of what led to this tragic death.

"The incident took place during the day and is likely to have a traumatic effect on the people who witnessed the incident and the police activities that followed.

"I encourage all those affected by the incident to talk to a person with whom they feel comfortable, that it is a friend, from a family member or from a health professional, it's essential not to repress your feelings, that's ok to talk about. "

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