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Northamptonshire Police


Daniel Fitzjohn's family was "devastated" by the announcement of his death, police said

A man who armed himself with a machete "only wanted to scare" a group of people that they were pursuing before being stabbed, was heard by a jury.

Daniel Fitzjohn, 34, died at the hospital after the attack on Kingsley Ward in Northampton on June 14th.

Daniel Quinn, 28, homeless, and Parminder Sanghera, 25, also homeless, both deny the murder.

Mr. Sanghera told the Northampton Public Court that they were only intended to "break" a car.

The court heard that the defendants were from the Wolverhampton area and were in Northampton because Mr. Quinn had sold drugs in the city.

The court learned that Mr. Fitzjohn had never met with either of the accused, but a man with whom he was had bought drugs from Mr. Quinn on the night of the night. # 39; attack.

Mr. Fitzjohn and his friends were involved in an "altercation" with Mr. Quinn at the Kingsley Fairfield News around 9:25 pm BST.

In his testimony, Mr. Sanghera testified that Mr. Quinn came to him at a nearby address and told him that his "gray mini" had been "crushed".

Mr. Sanghera was armed with a machete kept in the Mini, it was said in court, but he did not know that Mr. Quinn was holding a knife.

Mr. Sanghera admitted to having chased the men but said that he "only wanted to scare them", and after they fled, he told Mr. Quinn "we did not come for this. [a fight]Let's go. "

& # 39; Panicked & # 39;

The couple returned to the Mini, but Mr. Sanghera stated that Mr. Quinn had stopped on Carlton Road in a "rather sudden" manner and had gone out without saying why.

Mr. Sanghera stated that he was "panicked, nervous, scared" and that he sat in the driver's seat with the intention of leaving the premises.

He stated that he had not seen the alleged stabbing of Mr. Fitzjohn by Mr. Quinn and that he had never seen him with a knife.

At the opening of the case, the prosecutors stated that if their case was that of Mr. Quinn, who had stabbed Mr. Fitzjohn, Mr. Sanghera was "an integral part" of what had happened and that his "Behavior makes him guilty of murder".

The trial continues.