Ahmed Elmohamady said the rise of Hull City in 2013 was the highlight of his career.

The current defender of Aston Villa spent five years at KCOM Stadium, completing over 200 appearances for the Tigers.

Elmohamady, who is a national player with 91 internationals, helped Hull twice to advance to the Premier League and also played a key role in his 2014 FA Cup final.

He is back in the top league after Villa made his third promotion to the Midlands last season.

The 32-year-old has been thinking about his career in England, according to KingFut: "In my first season with Hull City to be promoted to the Premier League, was the highlight of my career and for the club at this time a huge success. I received the Hull Player of the Year award because I had a really good season this year. "

"This year's ascent to Aston Villa is also one of the highlights of my career as Villa is a big club and one of the biggest in England. "

"For me, the championship is the toughest league, it's really difficult and there were a lot of obstacles that I had to overcome, setting a goal from the start was important because it helped me overcome all the difficulties and it was a huge one Factor that kept me going. "