The men of Dean Smith will be back in action when they line up Brighton. The goal is to record two wins in the top division for the first time since May 2015.

Villa won 5-1 in Norwich, earning their second win of the season in the league. Hourihane believes this will boost self-confidence in the locker room.

He said, "We felt like we did not get the points we deserved in the last couple of weeks, but in Norwich everything just worked out for us and we're thrilled."

"I hope we can use it as a launch pad."

The Carrow Road win was followed by a few frustrating weeks in which Villa Arsenal and Burnley had not defeated despite two leadings in both games.

It also lifted them out of the relegation zone to 15th place, one place and one point below Brighton.

"We felt that Norwich was close to it," said Hourihane, who scored his first goal in the Premier League. "We felt it was difficult to make decisions in the last two weeks.

"Everything seemed to click and we stood unscrupulously in front of the goal. It was a fantastic team effort.

"Of course I'm happy about the goal. I was happy to be back in the team against Burnley.

"I thought we could have won this game because we played very well in the first half, but not so well in the second half.

"In Norwich it just seemed to click and everything fell in love with us. We were absolutely thrilled. "