Astrogene Crisis: Italy Vaccines Over 60 (Officially) / Belgium: 55+, UK recommends 30+

Italy announced Wednesday that it was using the Covit-19 asthrogenogen vaccine for people over the age of 60, confirming the association with rare blood clots after the vaccine, according to AFP.

A few hours later, at a press conference, Italian government science advisor Franco Locadelli proposed listing the risk of freezing at the European Pharmaceutical Products Institute (EMA), saying it was “recommended for preferred use by people with more than 60 years “. Anglo-Swedish vaccine.

Belgium recommends 55+

Belgium on Wednesday decided to use the estrogen vaccine for people over 55, mostly following the opinion of the European Medicines Agency (EMA), which confirms the link to rare cases of blood clots, AFP said.

“Based on the latest scientific advice, Belgian health ministers have decided to replace estrogen (vaccine) with other vaccines for people aged 18 to 55; for those aged 56 and over, all vaccines will continue to be administered, ”Belgium said, following the decision by other countries.

UK, 30+ recommended

The science team overseeing the UK’s anti-government vaccination campaign on Wednesday recommended limiting the astrogenic vaccine to people over the age of 30, after reporting rare cases of leukemia if possible.

“Adults 18 to 29 years of age who are not at high risk of developing severe Govit-19 disease should receive another Govit-19 vaccine. 19, the AstraZeneca vaccine is available when such a vaccine is available, ”said Wei Shen Lim, professor at JCVI That said, the panel’s recommendation states that vaccinations should not be stopped at any age.

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