At least 6 farm workers have died from Covid

Luis Gabriel Flores Flores is a Mexican who has just won a lawsuit he filed for labor abuse.

He is one of many Mexicans who are part of the Temporary Agricultural Workers Program (PTAT), and who have suffered the inclemency of the Covid-19 pandemic.

Flores Flores denounced an outbreak of the coronavirus disease at the Scotlynn Sweetpac Growers farm, which caused the annoyance of the employer, who threatened to fire him and proceed to deportation.

Just the governments of Mexico and Canada made the annual review of the PTAT, where the issue of the treatment of Mexicans was put on the table.

Since last April, when Mexicans began to travel to Canada to participate in the Seasonal Agricultural Workers Program, Mexican farmers began to become infected with Covid-19. The Mexican diplomatic authorities accredited in Canada are aware of six Mexican workers who died from the disease.

Luis Gabriel Flores Flores decided to denounce the treatment of agricultural workers on farms, after he saw his littermate die.

He was fired by his employer and decided to send a letter to Immigration and the Labor Board of the Province of Ontario, Canada.

In the letter he wrote that he was punished for demanding his rights. He said that for six years he has been part of the PTAT. The 36-year-old Mexican denounced that the workers on the farm have never had protection against Covid-19: they are not given gloves, face masks, much less antibacterial gel.

According to data from the Union of Food and Commerce Workers (UFCW), in Norfolk County, southeastern Ontario, about 190 agricultural workers have been infected with Covid-19.

The Mexican Luis Gabriel Flores Flores was one of those infected, along with his friend Juan López Chaparro, who died.

The Ontario Labor Relations Commission recently ruled that Scotlynn Group Farms must pay Flores Flores $ 20,000 for lost wages and $ 5,000 in psychological damage.


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