Atlético inadvertently helps Sevilla FC in signing Santos Borré

An unexpected turn in the management of his conditions has been the effect that has led to the potential signing of the Colombian to the Nervionense institution

The Argentine press has let a new movement escape in the midst of which the entire pass of the Colombian forward has been valued, Rafael Santos Borré, the same as since Sevilla have been going on for a while. Apparently the Athletic has reached a final agreement with the cross-band club for the remaining 50% of the rights to the value of 3.5 million euros.

Without wanting to, this is the reason that today they see with good acceptance from Sevilla, because within the new approach would be stipulated some clauses demanded by the tip where it stands out of course departure to European football. The mattress was not going to get him into the game idea of Simeone and therefore they valued their departure, upon payment of the value treated if they finally accepted the challenge.

I deleted Betis
Colombian Santos Borré could return to Spanish football with Real Betis or Sevilla

Much simpler to negotiate with the South American club has been Sevilla’s message to Rafael Santos Borré

Having said clause immersed in their bond, it is very clear that the path is that. Santos Borré is a striker of a superlative level, a tremendous category and with the experience of having already played in the elite with Atlético and Villarreal. It also comes from being important in River Plate’s campaigns, even winning the Copa Libertadores and in its last edition, staying out of a new final by a single goal.

But the incidence comes because his desire is to compose a new squad in Europe. Hence, it is understood that the ease of negotiation is real, and that in the process it would be adding at a low cost. The total value of the footballer would not amount to 15 million euros, a value that for someone who even makes up the citations in his national team is very good.

A new one from Monchi that continues to accumulate arguments in the Andalusian capital

Everything up to here seems to be the merit of Monchi, the sports director who would become a tremendous striker in a stellar moment. He would also do it with the sale of En-Nesyri, who has everything almost done by word for West Ham worth 40 million euros. Only a couple of seasons ago he arrived and today he is the leader of the attack.

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Its favorable representation dates back to 100%, that is, 20 kilos in just one long year of work. The news of profit continues to fall on that level, beyond the partial failure in the Champions League after the defeat at home by 2-3 against Erling Haaland’s Borussia Dortmund. For now, Borré is still under Gallardo’s orders, although he understands that all this is nothing more than a regular process.

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