We want to express our deepest sympathy, our pain and our aroha families, Christchurch residents and those returning to New Zealand. Like many others in the world, we are shocked by what happened in Christchurch on Friday because it was an unprecedented act of cowardly and unprovoked violence against people. innocent, including children who were in a place of worship and peace. As we heard this morning, the death toll is now 50.

These attacks have deeply affected us, they have affected our migrant communities, Kiwis, young and old … Because we see this as an attack on our house, our way of life, against us. Those who make New Zealand home – they are us. And as Prime Minister[[[[Jacinda Ardern]says: It's not who we are.

But these are neither Australia nor Australians. The outpouring of support, sympathy and solidarity, affection and kindness from our Australian colleagues has been fantastic. "