Aubameyang’s descent into hell at Arsenal

The Arsenal He was quite affected (on a mental level) after being clearly outmatched by Liverpool who, however, was unable to offer such a hopeful version against Real Madrid. The whitesundoubtedly passed over the brand new winner of the Premier League in the first leg of the Champions League quarterfinals. However, the prominence of this text falls directly on the campus gunner.

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Specifically, it is necessary to analyze the delicate situation that a Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang (31 years old) who has gone from hero to villain in the British capital in just a few months. After being considered the true banner of his project, it seems that his coach Mikel Arteta is not at all satisfied with the behavior of the former Borussia Dortmund player. Therefore, a soap opera could be unleashed in sight.

The fear of Arsenal

All this, of course, as soon as the summer transfer period kicks off to plan the templates of the different clubs with a view to the 2021-2022 season. Without going further, Jamie Carragher, Liverpool legend, was quite critical of Aubameyang before the microphones of Sky Sports. “He was late to the North London derby (against Tottenham), the coach made a great decision (to seat him) and it paid off. I expect a reaction from him. When he plays during the week, he fails a good number of times and is not one of the best in the Europa League “, he sentenced.

Arteta would be willing to carry out a more than necessary reconstruction in London, so the ram could be one of the victims in the Emirates Stadium. Arsenal, for their part, want to avoid a situation that could be perfectly equated with what happened in his day with Mesut Özil (Fenerbahçe). “I think there must be great concern at Arsenal and Mikel Arteta that they may be facing another situation like Mesut Özil, in which they give someone a great contract and it is not justified (by performance). What it produces at the moment he is far from what would be good enough for him in terms of investment made and potential as a player “Carragher added.

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