We want to return to the era ahead of Tesla's P100D setup. With electric cars everything looks slow, even with performance models with decades of tradition such as the Audi RS4 Avant.

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Audi RS4 vs. Tesla Model X P100D drag race results in almost total humiliation Audi RS4 vs. Tesla Model X P100D drag race results in almost total humiliation
Before we get into the drag race, we want to prove that the RS4 is not slow. Carwow had this hot car in the fleet for about half a year and showed at that time that he is about a quarter mile faster than a BMW M3 or even a Porsche 911 GTS (the old one).

This cool-looking family sports car is currently powered by a 2.9-liter TFSI turbo engine that produces 450 HP and significantly about 50% more torque than the 4.2-liter V8 he replaced. Of course, the engine noise is not the coolest in the world, but what keeps the RS4 from being sought after is the attack of electric cars.

Although it looks like a fat whale, the Tesla Model X is a fast machine, especially if you are rich enough to make the P100D model with supercar impact performance. Although Mat Watson is in no way a competitor to Audi, they both try to offer a mix of performance and functionality.

So, what's the fastest? Obviously the Tesla. While you assume that the gearless model X will eventually become too slow and catch up with the Audi, it will never stop during the quarter-mile race. It's even worse in the rolling race, where the RS4 shuts down a few gears, but not an EV.

Finally, the RS4 makes a small win, but not before its reputation is compromised. With about 0.7 tonnes lighter and more powerful brake, he holds significantly better than the Tesla. This also indicates that you have more fun on a track or carve mountain roads and pay less than half the price of a P100D.