Xiaomi off-road sneakers, the latest on Youpin

It is not the first time that Xiaomi has launched for sale on Youpin sports t-shirts O sneakers. In this case, Xiaomi returns with a crowdfunding to finance off-road shoes that adapt to any situation.

Waterproof and breathable, these Xiaomi off-road shoes feature quick-drying and antibacterial materials. It does not matter if it rains or if we step on puddles, the water left in them will dry up quickly. Goodbye to wet feet and problems of bacteria, humidity and fungi.

Current and versatile design for the off-road shoes that Xiaomi sells on Youpin

At the design level, these off-road shoes that Xiaomi sells are designed in current fashion. Now the difference between models of sneakers for sports and the ones we use to move around the city differ less and less.

These new shoes are useful for any situation, from going for a run, to the mountains or to have a coffee. Also available with a two-color design, finding various combinations in their models:

  • Black and gray model
  • Model in electric blue and black
  • Orange and black model
  • Black and silver model

We can choose the shoe design that best suits our style. Also, not everything is design. You can wear these Xiaomi shoes to go for a walk or to the movies. Also for running or going to the mountains, thanks to the technology of its sole, thus making it off-road.

Xiaomi off-road sneakers, the latest on Youpin - Xiaomi News

The technology is in the sole but also in the materials

From the outside to the inside. These shoes that Xiaomi sells have quick-tie laces, for greater comfort. The fabric that covers our feet is breathable and waterproof and presents us with a modern seamless design. At the tip of the shoe we find a fender to protect our toes. A style similar to the brand’s sneakers Salomon.

Xiaomi off-road sneakers, the latest on Youpin - Xiaomi News

Xiaomi off-road sneakers, the latest on Youpin - Xiaomi News

Already entering the technology that supports our weight, that is, the sole system, we find different layers. On the one hand we find a thick integrated waterproof structure. Under it, a breathable BASF cushioning insole is arranged.

As we can see, breathable and waterproof materials are practically in every piece of these shoes. We won’t need gadgets like Shoting Zero-Shoes Driver, at least in these sneakers.

Between this cushioning insole, and the midsole (also cushioning) made of high elasticity EVA, we find a small anti-torsion TPU sheet centered on a correct position of the arch.

Our shoes finally hit the ground with an eco-friendly vibram sole, which features anti-slip and wear-resistant technology. This strong grip sole is what allows us to use these shoes that Xiaomi sells anywhere.

Xiaomi off-road sneakers, the latest on Youpin - Xiaomi News

Xiaomi off-road sneakers, the latest on Youpin - Xiaomi News

In fact, the sole itself has 3 different frames. The first, and closest to the tip of the foot, is more grippy, designed for rock. In the central part of these off-road shoes, we find a deep, jagged wall designed for walking or running on poorly paved roads. Finally, we see the heel area, a setback designed to improve braking.

All the pieces are joined thanks to a hot pressing system, thus making the waterproof membrane completely sealed. This results in us being able to run and move without problem in the water. These off-road shoes that Xiaomi sells have up to 5 hours of static waterproofing.

Price and availability

At the moment they are only available in Youpin by way of Crowdfunding, with an official sale (if all goes well) on June 24.

Of course, if we now find it for 299 yuan (€ 38 / $ 45), we assume that the price will be higher when it goes on official sale on Youpin. Even greater if it reaches our market. We will have to wait to see them for sale on Aliexpress or other online stores to know their price well.

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From APR “Two Forgotten British Pianists-Evelyn Howard Jones & Edward Isaacs” –TOWER RECORDS ONLINE

Forgotten British pianists.
The first is Howard Jones & Isaacs!


“Two Forgotten British Pianists” will start as a “Mini Series” from the world-famous “APR” for discovering rare sound sources and reproducing them with good quality!
Evelyn, a British pianist whose name and performance have been almost forgotten, even though the recordings were reprinted as the first in the series until the early 20th century and the early 1950s. -Howard Jones (1877-1951) and Edward Isaacs (1881-1953).
Howard Jones, who has an academic personality, was also described as having “a scholarly and innocent depth” in his interpretation.
It is also known that he was good at Bach and Brahms, and especially in the recording of “The Well-Tempered Clavier Songbook”, he shows a performance with exceptional spirituality and beauty.
He is also familiar with Delius’s piano works, which he had a close relationship with, and the first movements of “Five Pieces” (No. 4 is unrecorded) and “Three Preludes” dedicated to him are also included in this reprint. It contains.
Edward Isaacs (1881-1953), of Polish Jewish descent, studied music with Charles Hallé and Clara Schumann’s disciple Olga Neruda at the Royal College of Music in Manchester.
The performance of Isaacs, which was regarded as one of the leading Chopin & List players in England at that time, was full of brilliance and joy of living, and was called a wit-rich and attractive narrator.
Most of the recordings that will be restored now are valuable performances that will be the first reprint since they were released on 78 rpm records. In addition, Howard Jones’ Beethoven’s “Rondot Major” will be the first sound source from the test press board.
The unknown British pianism of the first half of the 20th century is revived here by the reprint of the famous engineer Mark Oberto-Thorn.
(Tokyo M Plus)

《CD1》 ~ Evelyn Howard Jones (1877-1951) / Complete Solo Recording (Columbia Recording 1926-1930)
・ JS Bach: Nos. 10 to 17 from “The Well-Tempered Clavier Songbook Vol. 1” (Recorded: February 18-19, 1930)
Beethoven: Piano Sonata No. 14 in C-sharp minor Op.27-2 “Moonlight” (Recorded: May 20, 1926)
・ Beethoven: Rondo in G major Op.51-2 (First sound source / Recording: 1927)
・ Beethoven (D’Albert): Ecosaze WoO.83 (Recording: 1927)
・ List: Whisper of the Forest S.145-1 (Recording: June 3, 1927)
・ List: Ai no Yume No. 3 S.541-3 (Recorded: June 3, 1927)
Brahms: Capriccio in B minor Op.76-2 (Recorded: 1927)
Delius: Dance for Harpsichord (Recorded: April 1929)
・ Delius: No. 1, No. 2, No. 3, No. 5 from “Five Pieces” (Recorded: April 1929)
Delius: Three Preludes (Recorded: April 1929)

《CD2》 ~ Edward Isaacs (1881-1953) / Complete Solo Recording (Regal Recording 1926 & 1928)
・ JS Bach: French Suite No. 5 in G major, BWV.816 (Recording: October 25, 1926)
Handel: Fantasie in C major HWV.490 (Recorded: October 25, 1926)
・ Handel: From “Suite No. 5 in E major, HWV.430”, No. 4 aria and 5 variations “The Harmonious Blacksmith” (Recorded: October 25, 1926)
Beethoven: Piano Sonata No. 8 in C minor Op.13 “Sorrow” (Recorded: November 20, 1928)
・ Schubert: Six Moments Musical No. 3 in F minor, D.780-3, Op.94-3 (Recording: October 27, 1926)
Chopin: Bolero in A minor Op.19 (Recorded: November 20, 1928)
・ Chopin: Waltz No. 3 in B minor Op.34-2 (Recording: December 17, 1926)
・ Chopin: Waltz No. 6 in E-flat major Op.64-1 “Minuet” (Recorded: October 25, 1926)
・ Chopin: Waltz No. 7 in C-sharp minor Op.64-2 (Recording: December 30, 1926)
・ Chopin: Waltz No. 13 in D flat major Op.70-3 (Recording: October 25, 1926)
Chopin: Waltz No. 14 in E minor Op.posth (Recorded: October 25, 1926)
・ Chopin (List): From “Six Polish Songs S.480” My dear person Op.74-12 (Recording: December 17, 1926)
・ List: Ai no Yume No. 3 S.541-3 (Recorded: October 27, 1926)
Tchaikovsky: Humoresque Op.10-2 (Recorded: October 27, 1926)

Evelyn Howard Jones (piano)
Edward Isaacs (piano)


Remastering: Mark Overt-Thorn


London underestimated the impact of the Northern Ireland Protocol – EURACTIV.com

The British government underestimated the effects of the Northern Ireland Protocol, Brexit Minister David Frost admitted on Monday (May 17). He warned the British Parliament that talks with EU officials threatened to fail; there is hardly a way to break the deadlock in the dispute over the implementation of border controls.

At a hearing before the House of Commons European Committee, Frost admitted that the introduction of controls on goods in transit from the UK to the UK provinces “has more dissuasive effects on UK companies than they do to ship goods to Northern Ireland we thought.”

This is “one of the problems underlying the unrest and political developments that we see in Northern Ireland.”

With the Northern Ireland Protocol, the province remains in the EU’s internal market for goods, effectively creating a trade border with Great Britain. This has sparked angry reaction from the unionist and loyalist community in Northern Ireland, which is demanding that the province remain fully part of the UK.

More than 50 police officers were injured during the riot in the pro-British community, which lasted almost a week in April. It was the worst outbreak of violence since the Good Friday Peace Agreement was signed in 1998.

“If the way like that [Nordirlandprotokoll] works, undermines the Good Friday Agreement instead of supporting it, then obviously we have a problem, “said Frost. “That wasn’t the point of the protocol – and if it does, it won’t work properly.”

Tough wrestling

The Northern Ireland Protocol was negotiated and agreed upon by Frost himself, who was then chief negotiator of the United Kingdom in the Brexit talks with Brussels. Disputes came to the fore later – during talks on the UK’s official withdrawal agreement from the EU in January 2020 and the trade and cooperation agreement that came into force earlier this year.

In February Boris Johnson’s administration called for negotiations on the protocol to be resumed; British companies mainly complained about the bureaucratic requirements for the delivery of goods to the part of the country.

In March the government unilaterally extended the so-called “grace period” for border controls on agricultural foodstuffs until October instead of implementing it as agreed with Brussels. This in turn prompted the European Commission to take legal action against the United Kingdom, as the unilateral extension violates the terms of the EU Withdrawal Agreement.

Since then there have been talks between EU and UK agencies on how to reduce the problems with the implementation of the protocol. Frost told UK MPs yesterday, however, that negotiations have so far “not been very productive”. He warned that the British government must now “see how far we can go”.

Nor did the minister want to rule out the possibility that London could unilaterally suspend the Northern Ireland Protocol.

Frost also told MPs that there were no plans to align with EU standards for agricultural products, as this would make it difficult to conclude trade agreements with other countries.

Instead, they want to reach a “compromise” with Brussels: The EU should recognize the British rules as equivalent.

[Bearbeitet von Josie Le Blond und Tim Steins]

Brexit, agriculture and food standards

In the agriculture and food sector in particular, it is becoming apparent that the EU and the UK could go different ways in the future. In this Special Report, EURACTIV explains how the agri-food sector could continue after Brexit.

Northern Ireland Protocol: UK “harms itself”

The DUP party leader Arlene Foster has called for changes to the Northern Ireland Protocol in the EU Withdrawal Agreement. Problems continue to exist with large UK retailers delivering goods to Northern Ireland.

Sara Carbonero’s getaway to Cádiz with Rosario, Raquel Perera and Mariola Orellana

Sara Carbonero has enjoyed an express trip to Cádiz together with a group of friends among which are Rosario, Raquel Perera and Mariola Orellana, among others.

All of them have shared beautiful images of this on social networks getaway to the south where they have been able to enjoy a beautiful sunset.

Tatiana Arús shows us in the video above all the photographs of this trip.

Other highlights

Prince Harry and Oprah Winfrey are preparing a new documentary on mental health, in which Meghan Markle and other renowned personalities will also participate from the United States.

Tamara Falcó has exploded against journalists who have been asked about the accusations of infidelity of his partner, Íñigo Onieva.

The Brazilian Talisca, from China to Saudi Arabia

The Guangzhou FC, eight times champion of the Chinese Super League, has confirmed the departure of the Brazilian forward Anderson Talisca, who has committed to the Al Nassr Saudi.

Talisca has signed a three-year contract with the Riyadh-based club and is leaving Guangzhou in a transfer worth € 8 million almost three years after signing for Benfica.

The 27-year-old, who has scored 39 times in 65 games for Guangzhou, was part of the team that won the Chinese Super League title in 2019 and also reached the semi-finals of the Asian Champions League in the same season.

Talisca, along with former FC Barcelona midfielder Paulinho, had not been able to join Fabio Cannavaro’s team this season due to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic and restrictions imposed on travel to China from Brazil.

Al Nassr are currently fifth in the Saudi Pro League standings, 10 points behind leader Al Hilal, and have qualified for the Asian Champions League round of 16, where they will meet Iran’s Tractor FC in September.

LigaPro Serie A: Emelec, to Ambato to measure Mushuc Runa; Barcelona SC will host Olmedo on the 13th | National Championship | sports

The day will begin this Friday at the Alberto Spencer Model Stadium, which will reopen its doors at night.

By date 13, the leader of series A of the Professional Soccer League of Ecuador, the Club Sport Emelec, must travel to Ambato to face the Mushuc Runa, a team that ranks fourth in the standings.

On the day, the Barcelona SC —That this Thursday will be measured at Boca Juniors by group C of the Copa Libertadores de América– will be local, on Sunday, before the Olmedo Sports Center.

The full hours of the day are:

Friday, May 23, 2021

19:00, Alberto Spencer Herrera Stadium, Guayaquil

October 9 vs. Football Club Blanket

Saturday, May 24, 2021

13:00, Nueve de Mayo stadium, Machala

Orense Sporting Club vs. Catholic University

15:30, Banco Guayaquil stadium, Sangolquí

Independent of the Valley vs. Guayaquil City

18:00, Bellavista stadium, Ambato

Mushuc Runa vs. Club Sport Emelec

Sunday, May 25, 2021

2:00 p.m., Banco Pacífico Gonzalo Pozo Ripalda Stadium, Quito

Sports Society Aucas vs. Deportivo Cuenca

16:30, Jocay stadium, Manta

Delfín Sporting Club vs. Quito University Sports League

19:00, Banco Pichincha Monumental Stadium, Guayaquil

Barcelona SC vs. Olmedo Sports Center

Monday, May 26, 2021

19:00, Bellavista stadium, Ambato

Macara vs. University Technician (D)

Diablo IV could announce an alpha / beta very soon

Diablo IV is one of the most anticipated video games in the industry today, especially if we take into account that they have already passed more than 9 years since Diablo III saw the light. This, logically, causes millions of players to be impatient with any little news regarding the state of the launch … and we may soon have an important step forward in the form of alpha or beta.

Diablo IV would have been uploaded to the PS Store website

Diablo IV
Diablo IV could make a big announcement soon

The reason for believing this is that, as it has been found, Diablo IV has been added to the PS Store database for PS4 with a size of approximately 40 GB. However, it is important to remember that in previous statements from Activision Blizzard They already mentioned this next installment of the acclaimed RPG franchise I was not ready to see the light in 2021.

That is why, with less than a month to go until E3 2021 is celebrated in what will be its first digital edition, many have thought that this list of Diablo IV could be due to that a beta or alpha of some kind was going to be announced. Logically, based on the supposed state of the game, it would be expected that the second would be announced, since at the earliest it will be necessary to assume that Diablo IV will not arrive until 2022.

At the moment, obviously, no branch of Activision It has still been officially ruled on this possible leak in relation to Diablo IV. Consequently, it’s not something we can take for granted, although in the same way we must not forget that Blizzard assured that throughout the present 2021 they would be sharing news little by little about the game.

We will see, then, in what ends up all this curious case for Diablo IV, which we remember that for the moment It has only been confirmed with versions for PS4, Xbox One and PC. In any case, it is more than likely that once its release date has been determined, the long-awaited Blizzard title will also have announced the relevant next-generation versions.

United Kingdom, think tank: with Brexit, Covid-19 crisis & Co. risks becoming the new Italy

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18/05/2021 11:30


The UK, fresh from divorce from the European Union with Brexit, it risks becoming the new Italy: this is what emerges from a report by the think tank Resolution Foundation, reported in some articles by Reuters and the Guardian.
In the analysis of the independent think tank we read that the country copes with a decade of major challenges, which could end up undermining the solidity of its economy, bringing it closer to that of Italy than to that of the engine of the European economy, namely Germany.

Among the challenges, there are certainly the problems related to Brexit and those that other European countries also have to face, such as theera post Covid-19, the transition to a zero-emission economy, an aging population and technological changes.
All this, while in the last decade the United Kingdom has been characterized by having suffered 1) the growth of slowest productivity in over 120 years; 2) mobility in the weakest labor market since the 1930s; 3) the strongest inequality than in any other country of the European Union, apart from Bulgaria.
In this situation, the report authors warn if there are no appropriate plans to overcome these vulnerabilities, the British GDP per capita will come closer to that of Italy, than to that of Germany, by the end of this decade.
“The UK is now facing a decisive decade, with the post-Covid-19 era, Brexit and the transition to net zero emissions of pollutants coming along with the major changes taking place in technology and demographics. This is much more important than the economy. Any failure to overcome these challenges would leave the nation divided and weaker, ”he stressed Clive Cowdery, founder and co-chair of the investigation “The Economy 2030” drawn up by think tank Resolution Foundation.
It is noted in the report that the country needs a new approach and that “what makes a new approach essential it is the magnitude of the change arriving”.
In addition to presenting the various challenges, the analysis also provides some clarifications:

  • Covid-19: the result of the pandemic is that there are more people in smart-working (in the home working report): this means that the range of lifestyle choices that professionals can make has widened. But it also means that those who earn less will have to find a new job in new working environments.
  • Brexi: the UK benefits from a newfound freedom of choice, but it also faces higher costs in its relations with the EU, which remains its main trading partner.
  • Zero net emissions: decarbonization will create economic opportunities, but urgent action is needed. The UK will have to move from installing nearly zero heat pumps per year toinstall 3,000 of them every day, by 2030.
  • Technology: the arrival of new technologies will improve but will also upset the standard of living. In this regard, the OECD predicts that one in seven jobs could disappear due to the automation process, over the next 15-20 years.
  • Demography: the ratio of people aged under 20 or over 65 to those aged 20 to 64 will increase from 72% to 79% in the period from 2020 to 2030: this will be the faster change than in any other decade of the first half of the 21st century.

Finally, the report points out that, although the government of Boris Johnson has pledged to rebuild the country’s economy with various slogans “build back better”, “level up” e “global Britain”, no economic plan has yet been produced for the achievement of these noble objectives.
Some recently released macro data is worth mentioning:
In the first quarter of 2021, when the UK was in the grip of the his third lockdown, GDP fell by 1.5%, according to data reported by the National Statistics Office.
Although better than estimated, Britain’s gross domestic product – as Samuel Tombs, an economist at Pantheon Macroeconomics, pointed out to Reuters – has shown that the country has lagged behind other G7 economies for the fourth consecutive quarter. However, Tombs pointed out, it is possible that UK GDP will grow by 5% in the period between April and June. See also industrial production data.
The Bank of England predicts for UK GDP a recovery up to + 7.25% in the whole of 2021, at the strongest pace of growth fueled by the arms race ahead of the Second World War; that said, in 2020, the year of Covid and the lockdown measures, the British economy collapsed by 9.8%, reporting the strongest contraction in more than 300 years.

“What is this, a pandemic or a business? In Europe, like sheep”

Juan Muñoz, member of the now-defunct comic duo Cruz y Raya, is on tour in Latin America and, during their travels, noticed some differences in managing the health crisis with respect to Europe, which has made it explode.

After spending time in the Dominican Republic, José Mota’s former partner took to Twitter this Monday to criticize the management of the pandemic in Europe: “I no longer know what to say, well I’m sorry, whoever feels offended screw him. What is this a pandemic or a bloody business? “

The comedian criticized that some of his friends had left after becoming a PCR that “would be valid in the United States and in Europe is not valid”, and the same thinks of the differences at the time of managing the vaccine.

Here I go to the pharmacy and buy the vaccine that I want: the Pfizer, the Chinese… And I can get vaccinated tomorrow if I want. In Europe, like sheep. What’s up now, man !? “, he criticized angrily at the end of his video.

But, next to the recording, he wrote a tweet in which he expanded his speech pointing to the United Kingdom: “We are fed up with this business pandemic … You just have to leave Europe to realize what they are doing with us“.

“¿¡The English ride Brexit and now they have to get vaccinated with their vaccine which, supposedly, is the best !? “, he finally wondered.


Presentation of AZZA PSAZ-750G | Hardware inside

The company AZZA is expanding its power supply lineup, from this new lineup we would like to introduce you to the AZZA PSAZ-750G today. The PSAZ-750G is a fully modular power supply with a nominal output of 750 W. It also has an 80 PLUS gold certification and thus a high degree of efficiency. We would like to thank AZZA for kindly providing the AZZA PSAZ-750G power supply.

Packaging, content, data


The AZZA PSAZ-750G is delivered in a dark gray box. On the front is a drawing of the AZZA PSAZ-750G, the manufacturer’s name, the manufacturer’s logo, an imprint with the 80 PLUS gold certification and the wattage in large black letters. The back provides information in tabular form about the technical data and with two diagrams about the efficiency and the volume.


Inside, under the instructions, we find the AZZA PSAZ-750G securely embedded in a styrofoam block and next to it a black box. The box contains the following:

– Manual
– 4x screws for assembly
– 3x cable ties
– 1x ATX Kabel (20+4 Pin) 600 mm
– 2x EPS cables (4 + 4 pin) 600 mm
– 2x PCIe cables (4x 6 + 2 pin) 650 mm
– 2x SATA Cable (6x SATA) 750 mm
– 1x Molex Kabel (3x Molex) 750 mm

Technical Data – AZZA 750W 80+ Gold Power Supply
Dimensions (L x W x H) 160 x 150 x 86 mm
colour Schwarz
Form factor ATX
Standard ATX12V 2.4 / EPS12V V.292
Certification 80 plus gold
Power factor correction Active PFC
Cable management Fully modular
Input voltage 100 V – 240 V
connections 1x 24-Pin-ATX12V-2.x
2x 4+4-Pin-CPU
3x 4-Pin-Molex
4x 6+2-Pin-GPU
6x 15-Pin-SATA
power 750 W (Total)
+12 V (Total) 744 W
+3.3 V / + 5V (total) 100 W.
Currents +12 V / 62 A
+3,3 V / 20 A
+5 V / 20 A
+5 Vsb / 2,5 A
-12 V / 0,3 A
Fan 1x 120 mm (Temperaturgeregelt)
Volume fan < 35 dBA (50 % Last)
Smart Fan Control Button (back)
Protection circuits UVP, OVP, OPP, OCP, SCP
Security certificates FCC, CE, RoHS, CB, TUV
Weight 2,4 kg
Guarantee 3 years


The sheet steel housing of the AZZA PSAZ-750G is painted in a matt black. In contrast to many other manufacturers, the upper side does not have a fan grille. Instead, the vents were cut directly into the metal. The 120 mm fan can be seen directly under the ventilation slots. A petrol-colored, triangular plate with the AZZA logo is attached to the right corner.

There are also small ventilation slots in the upper third on the right and left sides. The wattage is printed underneath in large gray letters. There is also the AZZA lettering and a jagged stripe in the color petrol.

The connections for the cable management are located on the front face. The connections are arranged in two rows and labeled to match the connections. The petrol-colored stripe can also be found here.

The generously perforated back ensures good heat dissipation from the power supply unit. On the right side there is a button that can be used to switch the Smart Fan Control on and off. This means that the power supply unit can be operated without a fan at low loads. As soon as the load rises above a certain value, the fan activates itself. Next to the button is the 3-pin socket for the power supply and underneath the mechanical on / off switch.

The nameplate sticker with the technical data of the AZZA PSAZ-750G can be found on the underside. Among other things, the total current strengths of the individual voltages can be read here.

The cables included in the scope of delivery are completely black and designed as ribbon cables. This significantly simplifies the laying of the cables and also enables better cable management.

A look inside the AZZA PSAZ-750G shows us the black circuit board with the built-in electronic components. High quality components such as B. Japanese polymer capacitors, which are temperature-stable up to 105 ° C, are used. All power drivers were also provided with large heat sinks and arranged in such a way that they stand well in the air flow so that the heat generated can be easily dissipated from the power supply unit. Under the cover there is a black 120 mm fan from Xiongli Electronic with the designation W12025HZ12SEMA and a current consumption of 250 mA.


Test system
casing Azza Cast
CPU Core I7 4770K
CPU cooler Reeven Ouranos
Mainboard Gigabyte Z87-D3H Rev.1.1 ATX
random access memory 16 GB GSKILL DDR3 2400
graphic card ZOTAC GTX 770 AMP!
SSD Crucial MX500 250 GB

Installation is very easy thanks to the fully modular design of the AZZA PSAZ-750G. First we lay all the cables we need and create a clean cable management system. Then we build the AZZA PSAZ-750G is our housing and connect all the cables. After that is done, we start our system. First we test the Smart Fan Control by pressing the button on the back of the power supply unit, now the AZZA PSAZ-750G works absolutely silently in office mode, because the fan is deactivated. We start Star Wars Battlefront 2, and the fan starts under load. However, this cannot be heard from the case even after half an hour of gaming. Even when testing with Prime95, we cannot hear the PSAZ-750G from the closed case. We would also like to mention that the heat development of our system was not negatively affected at any time, which speaks for the high efficiency of the PSAZ-750G.


The AZZA PSAZ-750G is available in stores for around € 105. In return, you get a visually appealing gold certified and fully modular 750 watt power supply. The cables are well made and sufficiently long. The processing of the power supply itself also leaves nothing to be desired. All necessary protective circuits are also available. Only the three-year manufacturer’s guarantee tarnishes the otherwise good image of the AZZA PSAZ-750G. Nevertheless, the AZZA PSAZ-750G gets our recommendation.

+ 80+ gold certification
+ Processing
+ Volume
+ Fully modular
+ Optics

– 3 year guarantee

Manufacturer site
price comparison