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Description of the 3D model

Celtic Rings of Valkyries is my concept of making rings for fun and cosplay, also to check the options in the world of designer jewelry.

Includes 3 different types of rings in one set.

3D printing parameters

Designed in solidworks & zbrush.

printed by form 2 formLabs. Hand painted in Vallejo and Tamiya colors.

  • 3D file format : OBJ
  • Publication date:
    2020/11/28 16:59



Mechanical Engineer
PRO designer

Geeker, artist, cosplayer.

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Apple creates the M1 chip to achieve independence

The prodigious chip that Apple has put in its new Macs is going to give a lot of play to the world of technology. The guts of the iPhone are not very appreciated by the user. The important thing is in the colors, the sizes, the designs of the new terminals. What goes on inside is unfairly undervalued. The M1 chip will go down in the history of technology, just as the APL0098 of the 2007 iPhone EDGE has passed and nobody knows anything about. Apple kept that unsightly name because it never occurred to anyone that even its own chip could be a marketing product, as the A4 of the iPhone 4 in 2010 or the last bionic A14 of the iPhone 12 would end up being.

The soul of the Mac

Apple assembles its own chips. Custom manufacture the soul of your mobiles. Just like the operating system, the iOS. Everything inside their iPhone and now their Mac is the result of painstaking work so that nothing fails and everything flows correctly. Gone is the era of Intel. The world’s largest integrated circuit maker stopped modeling for Apple computers in 2019 and lost one of the biggest contracts in its history. You could see it coming. Everything about Apple is exclusive and that mundane architecture did not increase the value of its machines.

The MacBook Air, Mac Mini, and 13-inch MacBook Pro are the new computers with the M1 chip. Nothing different on the outside and a change of era on the inside. That chip includes the central processor (CPU), graphics (GPU), memory, and neural network. Everything, in five nanometers. Blazing speed with every move and, most importantly, the fastest on the market. The average user will not notice big changes.

Buying a Mac was crazy years ago. And it still is for many. People are divided into those who use Macs at home and those who cannot open windows to Windows. A symbol of class. Of distinction. 70% of Mac users could do the same with a PC for half the money. The rest need the reliability of Apple, because they work with heavy applications to edit photos or videos. Years go by for PCs. Slow and heavy before the first five years. For the Mac, no, although from Silicon Valley they are already in charge of programming its obsolescence. The investment in an apple model is so high that it cannot be repeated for seven or eight years.

Mac fanless

When Apple sets out to do something, it is to be the best or to be the first. There is no option to saturate the market with mediocre products to win customers at all costs. The best example is the MacBook Air with the new M1. Apple claims it is faster than 98% of PCs on the market. And it heats up so little that they have decided to make it without a fan.

Computers that do not heat up and that hardly need to be plugged in. The new MacBook reaches 17 hours of web browsing and 20 hours of video without pulling the cable. Those of Cupertino are given two years for all their computers to have their own heart and close the cycle of Intel with its architecture of the x86 microprocessor. The simplification goes through mounting with ARM and that is already known by the developers, who have started to work to adapt their programs.

Apple has ruled the technology market for years. Those who try to live on the fringes of the bitten apple or deny it do so from terminals that arrived later and try to do the same. Europe does not like the port of its mobiles, which wants to impose a universal charger. Apple has not removed the Lightning from its iPhone 12, but has stopped including the charger in the box so as not to disturb. Four years ago, it released its new Macs with USBC ports. Another madness that ended up pushing the market to use that port for everything. Even the iPad Pro includes it for laptop packaging. Not to mention that strange hole that they called Thunderbolt to oust USB.

The M1 chip cannot go unnoticed. Apple Macs will continue to feed the capricious customer, but especially the demanding one who pushes their operating systems to the limit. In the absence of originality returning with new products that mark the future of society, Apple is content to be more and more independent.

USA under “post-fascist moment”: Trump leaves, but his seeds remain

Now that Donald Trump has lost the election, it is important to do a forensic analysis of what went wrong with American democracy and, at the same time, acknowledge its “antibodies.”

Because although Trump has been definitively defeated, the caudillo continues to expand his attacks on democracy, denying democratic electoral procedures and promoting a kind of coup attempt, ridiculous and probably failed.

Specifically, Trumpism increases its possibilities for the future through what it has always done, denying reality and promoting the delegitimization of democracy in pursuit of the wishes and mobilizing myth of its leader. Thinking of his triumphant return, Trump presents himself not as the loser that he really is, but as a victim of treason. Propaganda wants to rewrite history through deliberate fiction, but fact-based history continues its course.

In this framework, we must not only ask ourselves what went wrong and what was right in the analysis of the antidemocratic phenomenon that this American leader represented, but also think from the past experiences of authoritarianism about the possible paths of Trumpism. In particular, what are his future chances in power, either through a new candidacy in 2024 or through “neo-Trumpism” in the future.

A losing battle should not be equated with a total victory. This was exactly what Hannah Arendt warned about in June 1945. The German-Jewish philosopher believed that fascism had not ended after her defeat and that the seeds of the fascist international were well planted globally and in South America in particular. . Arendt was able to clearly envision the continuity between classical fascism and the democratic reformulation of fascism that was populism.

From Juan Perón in Argentina to Silvio Berlusconi in Italy, populism left behind the constituent elements of fascism such as xenophobia, absolute repression, propaganda techniques and totalitarian dictatorship. However, the new populisms, led by Trumpism and closely followed by Jair Bolsonaro in Brazil, Viktor Orban in Hungary and Matteo Salvini in Italy, have taken up many of these fascist elements, with the exception of course of the dictatorial dimension.

Trumpism, like these new populisms, can be defined as the “post-fascist moment” in which the freedom to think was replaced by a mixture of freedom to shop, racism and xenophobia, fascist-style lies, free pass to ignoring their own health and that of others and being totally obsessed with the leader.

The costs of this conception were many, and often lethal. Trump’s years in office have been a disaster from the point of view of democracy, which has been deeply denigrated but certainly not destroyed in the fascist style.

It is true that democratic institutions are relatively stronger than in the past, and yet we must not assume that they are so formidable as to reject the return of Trump, or future Trumpists on duty, such as his daughter Ivanka Trump, or Mike. Pence or Senators Marco Rubio, Tom Cotton or Ted Cruz. With or without Trump, democracy will again be attacked from within. Despite its failures, Trumpism will remain a feature of American politics.

We must think that leaders like Trump were possible because democracy manifested itself to society as less participatory, contemplative in the face of injustice, and elitist. In other words, against extreme right-wing populism, democracy needs to be more just and representative.

Constitutional democracy must defend itself against fascism and Trumpism, but it must also expand, be supportive and be less unequal. Based on its recent history, it is possible to say that Trumpism proposes for the future a terrible and implacable opposition, neither deliberation nor dialogue: more lies and conspiracy theories, the mobilizing myth of an unjust and “false” defeat and perhaps, more militarization of politics and violence and the insistence on the cult of its leader as a redemptive figure who constantly needs to be redeemed from the electoral failure and future judicial processes against him.

Finally, let’s stop at this point.Will Trump be investigated for gross negligence in the line of duty, and even promotion of diseases in conditions of a national and global health pandemic, and also for the alleged cases of corruption and incitement to repression and violence?

It is too early to predict whether the future Biden Administration will not oppose these options to solidify democracy and provide a warning to future Trumpists.

The opposite case is Gerald Ford’s famous presidential pardon of Richard Nixon for his crimes not to be investigated, which seem tenuous compared to the legal muddles that Trump may face. One thing is clear, past histories of democratic reconstruction teach the need for the defense of legality and legitimate politics to go hand in hand.

Federico Finchelstein is a history teacher at the New School in New York. Doctor of Cornell University and taught at Brown University. He is the author of several books on fascism, populism, the Holocaust, and dictatorships. His new book is A Brief History of Fascist Lies., a plural project that disseminates content produced by experts in Latin America.

‘The Mandalorian’ season 2 reveals surprising details about the show’s titular hero

Lady Bo-Katan (Katee Sackhoff) revealed to her Mandalorian comrade that he is a Son of the Guard, descended from religious fanatics.

Fans of Star Wars’ The Mandalorian took the show’s titular hero for a noble warrior of equally honorable heritage. His “This Is The Way” credo emphasized doing the right thing and acting with compassion. It became so popular that online communities turned the quote into a meme that people use to show their approval of another post or comment online. Note that not everything about Command code is what it sounds like.

While Din Djarin (Pedro Pascal) made the Mandalore Trail sound like a cause followed by a proud career, they are not the persecuted group that the Mando story made them out to be. Lady Bo-Katan (Katee Sackhoff) revealed to her Mandalorian comrade that he is a Son of the Guard, descended from religious fanatics. They are apparently a subsection that broke away from mainstream society, adhering to a code that dictates that they protect everyone else of Mandalore’s faith. And the easiest method of showing loyalty is to wear your helmet at all times.

Din Djarin has practiced the ways of his people to perfection, never once disobeying the code. He could do it with people who are not familiar with Children of the Watch but who are never tempted. Command even held back while in the presence of IG-11, and that was just a robot. The point is, Djarin might change his mind upon learning that his people lied to him about the rest of Mandalore.

To our knowledge, the people of Mando taught him that they were the only noble members left on their planet while another faction exterminated the rest. We know it’s not true based on Bo-Katan’s testimony, so perhaps the truth will set our titular hero free.

Are the ‘Sons of the Guard’ brainwashed servants?

vía Vanity Fair

Whatever happens, Mando won’t accept the truth willingly. It is very possible that you will be distressed when reality sinks because the Path of Mandalore is all you know. Breaking from that lifelong tradition will be the most unpleasant thing you will ever do, and it can lead to lashing out in anger. It helps to have Mando close by when his rage is directed at an enemy, but in a moment of panic, he could start shooting uncontrollably at friend and foe alike.

On the other hand, Din Djarin seems to be changing with each passing episode. He’s relying on more people, allowing a few to help him with The Child, and he’s even helped a couple of amphibian aliens reunite. Command aided them in exchange for information on how to locate warriors like him when he could easily have tortured Frog Lady for the same information and avoided a time-consuming mission. That says he’s taking more liberties with the Mandalorian Code.

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If Din is discarding the inflexible rules of his people, he could abandon them entirely. Mando witnessed the Nightwalkers with his own eyes, removing their helmets and still practicing the core beliefs of Mandalore. It shows that there is no one way to be a Mandalorian, raising more questions for our favorite hero. Din Djarin needs to understand this fact for himself, in order to forge his own path, one that is not influenced by the Sons of the Guard.

vía Star Wars

Regardless, further exploration of Mando’s heritage will likely reveal more secrets about the group’s past. They remain shrouded in mystery, but that shouldn’t last long. Jon Favreau and directors like Bryce Dallas Howard are building something big on The Mandalorian, and it’s only a matter of time before their entire plan comes to light.

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justin bieber's best friends

What happened to Justin Bieber’s friends Lil Za and Lil Twist?

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Paul Zuniga (165 articles published)

Paul Zuniga is a journalist who has been covering entertainment-related topics for the past three years, primarily for the FanSided network of websites. His experience, however, does not stop there. Paul has also interviewed both newcomers and veterans of the entertainment industry, delving into the complexities of film and television. And he intends to keep the momentum going.

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They arrest them with arsenal and drugs

Ciudad Juárez.- Three men were arrested and consigned to the Attorney General’s Office (FGR) after several weapons and drugs were found after a review by elements of the State Security Commission (CES).

They are José Ángel CR, 30 years old, Manuel Adrián FT, 33 years old, and José Ángel CS, 49 years old, who were circulating in a white 1998 Ford F-150 pickup.

The agents stopped them at the intersection of Jesús Nájera and Mauricio Corredor in the Chaveña neighborhood. After a search they found a revolver-type firearm, caliber .38, supplied with five cartridges.

They also carried a .22 caliber revolver type firearm, stocked with six useful cartridges, as well as 20 boxes each with 20 7.62×39 caliber cartridges.

Similarly, the police officers found a box with 50 .38 super caliber cartridges, 144 .223 caliber cartridges, another 12 .38 caliber cartridges.

While in a bag they carried 121 cocaine wrappers.

The state corporation reported that it handed over the detainees to the FGR indicated for federal crimes, such as weapons for the exclusive use of the Army and crimes against health for insured drugs.


European Parliament calls for sanctions against Turkey

The European Parliament issued a resolution on Thursday condemning Turkey’s “illegal activities” in the suburb of Varosha, in the city of Famagusta, in the north-eastern part of Cyprus, and has warned that its partial “openness” “undermines” the prospects for a solution to the island’s territorial problem.

The resolution, supported with 631 votes in favor, 3 against and 59 abstentions, requires Turkey to transfer Varosha “to its legitimate inhabitants” under the temporary auspices of the United Nations, as established in a 1984 Security Council resolution. and to avoid any action that upsets the demographic balance of Cyprus with “illegal settlement policies”.

The European Parliament recalled that Ankara “is increasingly distancing itself from European values ​​and standards” and has warned that relations between the European Union and Turkey are “at an all-time low” and denounced that “illegal and unilateral military actions “Which takes place in the eastern Mediterranean Sea” violates the sovereignty of Greece and Cyprus. “

Xiaomi launches Aqara D100 Smart Door Lock with HomeKit & MIJIA app support

Xiaomi‘s ecological chain company Lumi technology which manufactures smart home products under the Aqara brand has launched a new product for the home. The product is dubbed Aqara D100 Smart Door Lock and is presently listed for sale on Xiaomi Youpin. It carries a price tag of 1899 yuan (~$288).

The Aqara D100 Smart Door Lock does not have a traditional horizontal door handle, which reduces the steps of pressing and pulling. It can be opened after fingerprint recognition with the thumb, making the process shorter.

According to the official description, the Aqara D100 smart door lock uses Apple and Xiaomi dual security chips, meaning it can be connected to Apple’s HomeKit and Mijia smart home IoT platforms. The fingerprint recognition uses the 3D semiconductor fingerprint recognition module of the Swedish PB company, with a financial-grade fingerprint detection algorithm.

In order to facilitate the needs of different users in the whole family, the D100 has seven different unlocking methods. One-time/periodical password unlocking can be used for on-site service with convenient maintenance personnel and nanny, NFC unlocking is suitable for the elderly and children with shallow fingerprints, and the NFC function supports compatible Xiaomi mobile phones/bands and Aqara NFC cards. In addition, the traditional lock cylinder of this door lock adopts a C-level cylinder, which has certain anti-technical unlocking capabilities.

Different from traditional motors, the Aqara D100 smart lock embeds the motor into the lock body, which greatly improves the response rate of the lock body. According to Greenmi Lab tests, the unlocking time of D100 can be as fast as 1 second.

According to the official description, this smart lock is equipped with a two-cell battery and lasts up to 12 months; there is a Type-C interface on the door that can be charged directly.

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The multimillion-dollar inheritance left by Diego Armando Maradona

After the sudden death of the world champion in Mexico 1986, the Argentine press turned their eyes on what Maradona left for his relatives.

Mradona had stated some time ago that: “I tell everyone that I am not going to leave anything for them, that I am going to donate it. I will donate everything that I ran in my life “he said there in 2019.

According La Nación newspaper from Argentina, “The fortune and inheritance that Maradona left is incalculable even by the famous Forbes review, which has never been able to estimate exactly how much the ex-Boca Juniors estate was, so the appraisal of his belongings is a mystery.”

However, the publication reveals data such as the contracts that Maradona had when he died: As a coach of Gymnastics and Fencing in La Plata, his link with the sports brand Puma, as well as with companies Konami Y EA Sports for the use of his figure in soccer video games.

“On the other hand, in Belarus, where he had a brief stint as honorary president of the Dínamo Brest club, he was honored with two luxury goods: a 300,000 euro diamond ring that he used on various occasions during his time as Gymnastics coach; and an amphibious tank, specially designed for the army, called Hunta Overcomer with 2.61 meters high and 4.50 meters long that weighs 2.3 tons, has capacity for seven people and can float in the water “they add.

“The remembered department of Segurola and Havana, in Villa Devoto, plus another in the same neighborhood; an apartment in Puerto Madero; a house in Nordelta where her sisters live; and a house in Bella Vista that he acquired and gave it to his ex-partner Rocío Oliva and her family. On the other hand, Diego would have four of his own cars acquired in the country and two of high value in Dubai that were given to him during his time as coach of Fujairah FC: a Rolls Royce Ghost for 300,000 euros and a BMW i8 for 145,000 euros “, they asserted.

All a host: Meghan Markle shone after celebrating the most anticipated moment in her new home

Meghan Markle becomes hostess from her mother at the Thanksgiving celebration, according to ET Weekly.

The american together with Harry and welcomed little Archie’s grandmother to her new home away from the royal family.

Although it is not the first time Markle and her husband walk away from the British crown on this particular day, this time it had even more impact.


Barcelona’s squad list for the game against Osasuna

Ronald Koeman, Barcelona coach, has given this Saturday the squad list of Barcelona for the game this Sunday against Osasuna at the Camp Nou (2:00 pm). A game in which the first team of Barcelona will try to transfer the good feelings they had in the Champions League against Dinamo Kiev to LaLiga, where lately the results have not accompanied the team. The Blaugrana need victory to change the dynamics and for this, having the casualties that are in the squad, Koeman has chosen his best men.


Act. a las 14:12


In the list of summoned it appears as the main novelty midfielder Sergio Busquets, who was injured in the last FIFA break with the Spanish team. Busquets already has a medical discharge and Koeman can count on him for this match against Osasuna if he thinks fit. Also notable is the presence of Matheus Fernandes, who repeats after his debut in the Champions League. Dest, with physical problems, and Mingueza are also on the list.

We must not forget also that Messi and De Jong are high on this list, since both were left out of the call that Koeman gave for the Champions League. The Dutch coach gave them both rest due to the large number of accumulated matches in their legs. Instead they remain in the infirmary Piqué, Sergi Roberto, Ansu Fati, Araujo and Umtiti.

Let’s remember Osasuna’s last visit to the Camp Nou left a bad taste in the mouth of Barça fans. It was the prelude to what would later happen in the Champions League where the worst defeat in the history of Barcelona took place. Barcelona was thrashed by Bayern Munich 2-8 in Lisbon. An outcome that Leo Messi himself already warned, precisely after losing to Osasuna at the Camp Nou.

This is now Koeman’s list for this new duel against Osasuna:

Ter Stegen, Dest, Busquets, Aleñá, Griezmann, Pjanic, Braithwaite, Messi, Ousmane Dembélé, Neto, Riqui Puig, Coutinho, Lenglet, Pedri, Trincao, Jordi Alba, Matheus Fernandes, De Jong, Junior Firpo, Iñaki Peña y Óscar Mingueza .